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Kiddie bytes

Posted on: December 7, 2008

Getting ready to make dosa batter. MyS is all set  to help me.”mama, can you upload me?”.  Mamma me puzzled, not for long; his hands are stretched out. Got it,he can’t get on to the counter by himself. I put the soaked rice, he added the cooked rice..few minutes of blending, couple of batches. Batter done, I ‘down loaded’ him on request..from the counter.


Kids want to snuggle up in the bed to go to sleep. MyD on dada’s side.

MyD” dada, by..tong, dada by ..tong”.  dada “‘what?’

MyS “dada, she is asking you to sing lullaby song”

dada “oh. ok, here you go…mmmmm..ummmmmmmm..mmooomm”

MyD “no dada..No mmm and mooo mooo…ting by tong”.

At that dada starts singing with words this time, mama on the other side controlling giggles.



6 Responses to "Kiddie bytes"

I loled at upload and download. Reminded me of the first time that Atul cracked us up in the middle of the night when asked for a “spot ” (like in parking spot).

Kids will not take no for an answer, isn’t it?

@suman .Oh yes. One way it works in our favour too. to put our brian into drive to figure out what they are saying. does it help keeping Alzhmeier’s away?

…and in some cases like mine -we end up using their terminology!!! which only they will understand! 🙂

@UL: all the time UL. they continue to amaze me. I am on a learning spree for the life time:)


@anamika:like many of your cute stories.thanks!

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