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Posted on: December 9, 2008

“kee ja up , kee ja up ..body body” goes myD putting the blocks into the blocks bag.Now you get it? it is her attempt to sing the clean up song ‘clean up clean up everybody every where’.

myD is very fond of the TV show Franklin the turtle. At the title song only she starts dancing. And my (thoughtful ) S, who has 2 library days in school gets all Franklin books, so he can make his sister happy( giving up his own preference to get mighty machine books). I can’t be more proud of myS.

“bangalu..bangalu”‘ scream myD on top of her voice at 2am, monday early morning. The bad mama was trying to take off the gold bangles without her knowing it ( or so I thought) before sending her to baby sitter monday. No, she continued to scream till when the bangles back. She fell asleep holding firmly on to her bangalu…(this reminded me of my friend UL’s post on her D asking for ‘mala’ before getting out to go to library)

I can go on.. eh!


5 Responses to "some more of bytes.."

Mama Mia! I should have known after seeing your mail…. 🙂 Caught up on all your posts, great going dear Mia – loved it – esp. the ting-tong post 🙂 – as well as the bangalu 🙂 Though I must confess I was reading backward and this post instantly had me thinking “It is her, she has finally started her blog ” 🙂 Loved it, keep them coming….Love in truck loads, UL

@UL.choo choo train full thanks, you always have encouraging words for me. So you got bit surprised then!
well, the blog now looks very basic. i will play around with it during the hoiliday time.

Replace the bangles with trucks, and that would be Atul. He takes one special toy every night, and would guard it with his wife, all through the night. God only knows how!

I will think of your little one when the clean up song comes… adorable!

Oh my, I meant guard with his life 🙂

@suman:MyS is just like Atul, but the things change from trucks to backugan to race cars.one common one is Joe the plumber his small teddy bear which he recently renamed from king of nuts.
yeah,the clean up song!

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