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What is your style?

Posted on: December 11, 2008

I visit Laksh’s blog almost every (week)day. And this picture appeared in one of posts triggered my thoughts. Well, the post is about how her thanksgiving festivities were, including great food (she is a great cook too). But my thoughts went in a different direction ( people should stop showing me pics..haha. They say something and I take something else out of it). Anyways….


The picture shows all veggies, onion, ginger, coriander leaves too cut and ready on the counter. Now I can see Laksh, with an apron on, putting pots on the stove and cooking out dishes one after another. So she does the prep work and then starts cooking.(or so I think)


I, the survival cook, do differently. I cut as I cook; except meat, fish, beans/cabbage(if these are main ingredients with large quantity like in ‘beans thoran’). I put the pot on the stove, start peeling and cutting onion, by the time pot is hot so add oil, finish off cutting onion, add mustard/geera/add ionion, cut ginger garlic, stir to cook onion, add ginger garlic, start cubing tomatoes, stir again, add tomatoes, grind masala as they get cooked…like me goes. And I have few dishes cooking on the stove at the same time. Because many of the ingredients e.g. OG2 (onion, ginger, garlic), tomatoes are common in my dishes. This is my style.


No wonder Laksh is a great cook and I remain a survival cook.:)


So what is style?


5 Responses to "What is your style?"

Haha! I have the luxury of doing that only cos K cuts and I cook. Its been 7 years since I cut veggies on a regular basis so have no idea what I would do if I had to cook and cut 🙂 Might be a survival cook.. never know 🙂 BTW love the look and the name of your space.

Will stop by to check each day. Love the comments you leave at my space and at ULs. Reading your comments on UL’s space makes me think of you two as little girls with pigtails growing up together. Would LOVE to meet you sometime.

I am totally a survival cook Mia. I don’t think I will ever have the patience to finely dice and chop…!

My style is a mixture of both! I try to start with getting ingredients, but I do change my plans rapidly and make something else instead with same ingredients! I also try to put a start to 2 or 3 items at the same time, so I am forced to cook those!

Girl, I dont have to tell you my style. I avoid cooking whenever I can… but when I do, I like a clean kitchen. I clean everything before I start cooking. I can’t stand the site of a messy kitchen, so I clean and cook, clean and cook. Over the years I have been getting pretty fast at it too. I usually start with an empty dishwasher, what I can’t wash by hand quick and pronto, I throw into the dishwasher. No filled sink for me. At the end of my cooking, my kitchen should be spic and span. And it usually is, Manu could confirm that. Often when I have a huge crowd to cater to, Manu usually does the cutting. Be it meat or veggies. And I concentrate on my cooking. While cooking if I am all alone in the kitchen even better… 🙂 less distractions, better for me. I tend to get distracted very easily, that combined with my absentmindedness can be lethal, like salt instead of sugar. I have done it too, made payasam with salt in it. Nope, not anytime recently but years ago. I had to throw out all the payasam. Can all this be considered a cooking style? You be the judge.

Hmm, this is indeed turnning into a post, but why not? You posted quite a few on my comments section, now it is my turn. Although, I might make a copy of it in my space, that way I have a post for the day…. 🙂

@all: thanks for responses. each to their own style and it works!
@Laksh.Some lucky ones have resident sous chefs.good for you girl.
@suman:seems like, we are never going to not getting get there- fine dicing
@anamika:interesting and brave. i stick to my plans most of the times.
@UL:another lucky one hey hey.For the clean freak that you are, the kitchen has to be pristine clean. And girl, for the years of me taking your comment space wide and long, sure go ahead here with vegence( i like that)

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