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Side kicks..really!

Posted on: December 15, 2008

I watch them closely. They get my complete attention; more than the leads. And they entertain me very well; more than the leads. They are named side kicks.


I watch hindi movies. I have a (weird) habit of watching the junior artists (some standing at the end of the frame) and their expressions. They entertain me a lot. Same with the dance scenes; many of them are better dancers than the leads. They don’t get their due; of course they are way too many to go into the credits roll. But girls and guys, you have my attention, whether it counts or not.


Wonder, if there is a connection to my other habit of eating curry leaves in the dishes, I don’t throw them. See curry leaves that add flavour to the dish and then thrown away with no credit while eating.


Try it they are tasty and fun!


5 Responses to "Side kicks..really!"

🙂 uniquely you…shows how much you care 🙂 and how deeply you do all that you do with care and precision…you are truly precious Mia, and those who havent realized that fact yet are nuts if you ask me…

I love the freshness of your ideas – all new to us! Keep them coming. My dad and I were into memorizing the names of the side stars in all hindi serials. Used to be fun!

@UL: you have nice words for me always. thanks. I am kind of unsure of my caring nature though:)
@anamika: bring back some good memories eh!

That’s funny. I am not sure I pay attention to the main characters, let alone the side kicks. I eat everything on my plate most of the time, including curry leaves 🙂

@suman:seriously? glad to find another curry leaves eater. so it is not thecurry leaves that makes me watch side kicks:(..search continues then..

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