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staring at the weighing scale..

Posted on: December 16, 2008

Consume: 100 calories=6 Ritz whole grain crackers(just 6?) =10seconds (very easy)

Burning: 100 calories =   0.6miles running=10minutes (very hard)

To loose 1lb, you need to burn 3000 calories (very very hard fact)


Rest, you do the math.

I am staring at my weighing scale….


3 Responses to "staring at the weighing scale.."

It’s funny you wrote this Mia because I am trying for the millionth time to shed some weight. This time I am aware of the calories I eat. It helps me put things in perspective. Two raisin bread toasts=160 calories, one small mazaa=140 calories. The mazaa doesn’t satiate the hunger either… !

Losing weight is such a herculean task. Doable but the determination and the will power that goes with it is not for the weak mind!

HEY! You need only loose under five – I am looking at 20 to 30, so stop complaning, Miss Beautiful, if you ask me, you need to gain a little more….to make me feel less guilty!

@suman: talking of determination, very true!
I try to count calories I eat; but sometimes I conveniently forgets all the counting..for the holidays, I am going to shut the counting part of the brain.
@UL: atleast 5. no way i need to gain. you tend to gain easily and loose easily too. I gain fast, loosing is just plain hardwork and sweating.

@all: Good luck to all of us. oneday, someday soon hopefully we will get there.

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