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Wishes for Blessed Xmas and great new year!

Posted on: December 24, 2008

My friends,

I wanted to do few posts, but never got around it, this being shorter month, Quarter end and year end. I know most of us are working on deadlines. I can not get too late this post.

So my sincere Wishes for a blessed Xmas to you and your family. And let’s all have a great 2009!.

Take time to relax and enjoy the moment. I will try too.

While talking to mommy today, asked her about Xmas day special. She said, nothing. For one, she is sad that none of the children( and their family) are joining them for xmas( last yr elder brother’s family was there)- except my little sister & family might drop in for sometime. 2ndly, this is the interesting one, what is special these days?. In the past, when we were growing up making appam& stew, biriyani etc were only for festive occasions. Now these are everyday stuff and therefore not ‘special’ anymore. well, I have the same thoughts too..what is special?


3 Responses to "Wishes for Blessed Xmas and great new year!"

It’s special Shy. It’s not every day that Santa pays a visit, and a Christmas tree adorns the living room. It’s not every day that we have wishes waiting in our Inbox. So here’s wishing you a very special Christmas and a fun packed New Year…! With all the gloom and doom around us, we need every bit of cheer we can muster.

Every moment is special, it comes and it goes, when it is here, it is new and fresh and then it is gone forever…so treat each moment as special. And life will give you a totally new perspective…I wish you and family a wonderful Xmas, one filled with lots of joy, cooking that biriyani and appam – yum, and one in anticiaption of many many special moments together as a family. My prayers and wishes are with you every step of the way this holiday season ad I know it will be a great start for the upcoming New Year 2009, one filled with hopes, dreams and many more special moments. That’s what I am wishing you dear Shy.

@girls: Some times, in certain state of affairs, things one cherish most becomes insignificant. Xmas is one occasion I normally look forward to with all excitement physically and spiritually. That was not the case this time going into it. But I came out unexpectedly happy. Your comments helped too. Thanks for your perspective and wishes. Yes, the Moments are what one make out of it ‘special’ or ‘no special’.

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