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Happy happy..Xmas holidays and some more

Posted on: December 29, 2008

I am very happy. I am so filled with hope , peace and joy.

Unusually, this Xmas  holidays started off with me in an anxious, unsettled and restless  frame of mind.  Some of my close friends often tells me, God really has plans for each one of us and things happen for a reason ( God, I don’t like your logic really, but you’re  God right!) and God sends his angels to you in the right time. Boy, Am I blessed! HE did send his angels and they did a pretty good job. Angels, please keep doing your work, I need your help to do my things. Thank you Angels!

I feel very blessed.

We went to church for Xmas Night mass. Took a seat close to the choir. kids did not sleep at all. they came home, opened what Santa delivered while we were at church, played with it all till 1.30am.

My family did not do much over the holidays, but we did some important things, spent some great time together. House was a mess( my lack of cleaning) but I opted to play Ring around the rosie. We watched and discussed TV till very late most of the days; wandered in the shopping malls doing no shopping. it was fun.

i made palappamand mutton stew for Xmas lunch; chicken wings and pork ribs for the next day.

In nutshell , it  was great fun.. we haven’t been this happy in a long time.

Hope you all had great Xmas time too.

wishing you all great New Year


4 Responses to "Happy happy..Xmas holidays and some more"

Wonderful to see your happy post, dear Mia. Sounds like your Xmas was a blast, Iam delighted to hear that…that paalappam sounds yum…we had fun too, met up with lots of friends everyday this past holdiay..it felt great…love to you for the upcoming New Year’s 🙂

@UL:Thanks dear; Xmas holidays was indeed a blast.come by, paalappam will be ready for you.glad to know you had good time too. have a wonderful New year girl.

Hey Shy, my New Year eve was spent at the church too. First time I am going for a midnight mass in US. It was too long, but OK – I was glad to drink the coffee after the mass! We reached home and slept by 2 AM. Same pinch on that!

@anamika:same pinch. We attend night mass almost every year for xmas( new year is daytime mass). really that is the height of my Xmas excitement; air is fresh and crisp, church decorated, people all dressed up and with big smiles, heavenly choir..can’t miss that. btw,nice to see you back in action.

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