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I am a preschooler in blogging school, beginning to learn the manners/ethics and stuff.

I have added links to your blogs in my space without asking permission or not informing you immediately even after that. what is the norm ? what was I supposed to do?

Again, I am not leaving message at your space but here, hoping that my blog friends will see the list on right under ‘Blog friends’ and let me know if they like it to be removed.

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hope you are not annoyed with me!

Should I tell my blog hopping sites about the listing? Sepia mutiny won’t care I think, but how about  ageless bonding?


Hope you had a good week; any plans for the weekend? Have a great one!


(L-R) Actors Irrfan Khan, Dev Patel,  Freida Pinto and Anil ...

aren’t they cute?-Dev and Freida on stage

Actors Dev Patel and Freida Pinto react after winning the award ...

Look who is here- Freida and Kate

Actresses Freida Pinto (L) from 'Slumdog Millionaire' and Kate ...

my SM craziness continues…anyone interested here is the link to SAG gallery. Theye are many pics of SM cast, above are hand picked.



good day all!

Many of you, by now know my craze for Obamas would think it is about the First lady..well this Michelle is First lady too..sort of . She is the first grand daughter of my parents family in traditional terms the other 2 grand daughters: 1 is mine and other is my sister’s. we are married OFF; our daughters are the first ladies in the respective in laws families).

Confused? Mallu catholic families follow patriarchal system so the boys carry the family name (I am not necessarily inviting comments on this part especially after the recent gems from Mr.Dutt).My older brother has 2 boys ; younger brother and wiffy are recently blessed with this first lady.

Michelle Ann James; my 3 months old niece( it is pure coincidence that she was born on 4th Nov 2008, the day Michelle Obama became the first lady elect. My niece was not named after her though).

Anyway, the reason for this post- She was baptized (christening) on last Sunday at Trivandrum (my little Sil’s parent’s house). Like with every addition to the family in the form of grandkids we all get excited. Michelle was exceptional to the extent that Acha (my dad) went and purchased a lottery ticket; got a hair cut the day Michelle was born ( sincerely, later when asked him, he said he had no idea what to do out of excitement…hear that from a macho guy!!). Because My SIL was with her mother in another city (Trivandrum), my parents could not just go to meet the baby on the same day. So where to channel the excitement!!

Coming to the baptism-again bit of intro on the tradition. The first child of the son is given paternal fathers/mothers name as Christian name depending on boy/girl. In this case she was to take my mom’s name translated in english would be Elizabeth. But you might have noticed the first lady is not Michelle Elizabeth James but Michelle Ann James. ( FYI- most of the mallu people take the Christian name as their middle name). And grand parents take great pride in giving the name( read consider it is their right) and believe me some family fights during baptisms are mainly on this and whose right it is to be the godparents.

That is where my mom comes into action.U and P (My brother and wife) were keen to have my parents as godparents and Michelle to take mommy’s name. But mommy never ceases to amaze us; though coming from a village background, she is never a conventional one( I could make few posts on that). She thinks ( and rightly so) that the role of God parents is to help bring up the child in Christian faith along with parents and therefore someone young ( not grand parents in old age) should do the honors and stick by their responsibility. So she convinces my dad ( unwillingly agrees) and appoints R and N (my younger sister and hubby) to fulfill the job.

Secondly, the name giving part. Mommy is very ardent bhakht of St.Alphonsa( translated Ann), first saint from India (mallu nun sister). So she decides, it is not her own name that matters, Michelle be given Ann as Christian name. Kudos to my mommy, you will not see giving up the rights and name giving easily in these days of tug of war.

Got the story? it can be confusing…

Michelle was blessed by the entire family from both sides. After the baptism, they brought her to my parents place in Ernakulam. Now Michelle,U & P are home for few days before they leave for their place London UK next week. Mommy is super thrilled and pampering Michelle with all the care and plus ( read turmeric bath, oil bath, special porridge etc); Acha is super duper thrilled (I can hear in his voice when he picks up the phone these days)…(I am thinking the impossible – dads should have grandkids first before their own kids..with their own kids its different story; this may be applicable to only mallu Christian dad of my dad s generation though).

Now when we call, nobody wants to be on the phone; we hardly get mommy on phone. Once they leave, home will be back to the silent mode; just mommy and Acha. But for now…turmeric bath time..

Their wait for phone calls from kids begin yet again, then.

My little girl is turning 2 today. feels like she was in my tummy just yesterday.But no, 2 full years of living in this world; as naughty as ever; as smarty as ever; as demandy as ever(‘give me now’ she commands); as clevery as ever(gets her poor brother all the scolding from dad for her mischiefs); loves lip stick (boy where do I hide them?);never shy to show off her necklaces and hair clips ( got a box full already)..she is 2? indeed she is.

Her brother calls her ‘my sweet best sister in the whole wide world’ most of the times (other wise he gives her a kick on his way and pretends nothing happened)

For dada, life is never the same after she is born. Man! talking of girls being daddy’s girls(who knew!… i was always mommy’s girl). Rain or snow; happy or tired dada always gives into her demands( boy! does she use it?..all the time).

For mamma me, she is all full of life, very ready for new things, very daring..you go girl!

No big celebration planned, because  my aunt’s and hubby’s uncle’s death in the family just last week( in india).

But we took the kids to an indoor fantasy fair yesterday; they did not want to come back. she was born the very early hour of 26th jan (exact same time this morning 12.20am she woke up from crib and want to snuggle in with us in bed. ofcourse we gave in. all of us wished her this morning, my son was very thrilled to give her the present (took me my surprise; was expecting bit of his tantrum of the lack of attention on him). Of course she got a new dress, I took her to church , lit candle( her fav part of going to church other than smiling and waving at all) got special blessing from the priest..she was very happy until she realised that she is going to the baby sitter. Once there, she gets pampered rotten by auntie and her kids. so goes her day till now.

dada is picking them early today, we are taking them out in the evening after cutting the cake..I will pick up the balloons..she will like a Dora one!

Happy Birthday C kutty..we all love you tons..God bless

……..so we took them out for dinner; before that

she got Dora balloon..Tiara( can’t go without it right?)..and nice cake..and a piano too.

Big brother played and sang ‘Happy Bithday to you’ while B’day girl sang to herself..to the end. took pictures..”mama tkae picture picture..i blow candal candal”(her version of Candle) well, she wanted me to capture THE MOMENT of blowing.

Wearing Tiara off we went out…had a great time coloring and what not in the restaurant..(both behaved pretty well)..so I had Ice Cap Martini…that was hard labor you know( 2 years back:)..who cares) ..i need to recover!

came home..Bday girl still wearing Tiara.. she sat on the potty also wearing just the Tiara(princess on a throne!!). bath done..bit more of pampering..prayer done too..now they are sleeping sound..goodnight my molu..May God keep you always safe in HIS care..sweet dreams molu. sweet dreams monu my son.

life is just worth living..every moment..feel truly blessed!

I must confess that lately I have been spending lot of time on the web reading and watching everything and anything on the movie Slumdog Millionaire and first family Obamas.

Slumdog is movie about  Jamal who lived with minimals or less. He is innocent, intelligent , honest and has a caring nature. All through his growing up years, he dreams to find Latika, his long lost love, he lost her at the age when he did not know it is so called ‘love’. When everyone in the country to wants to get into the game show for money, Jamal wants to be there not for the money but to find Latika. All he does in his life is set on one mission, to find Latika.


Barack Obama lived with minimals or less in his growing up years, I read here and here

*** Obama first met Siddiqi when he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles. Obama was living with a group of Pakistani students when Siddiqi arrived for a visit. Obama transferred to Columbia University and lived off campus with Siddiqi. Siddiqi was not a student and made his living working in restaurants. Together they lived in a drug-ridden slum apartment on 339 East 94th St. Siddiqi go the apartment by lying, saying he had a well paid job. The apartment was furnished by what they could find in the streets.***

He is intelligent, honest and has a caring nature. Siddiqi says that inspite of the poor situations they were in, Obama wanted to help others, which Siddiqi found uninteresting and boring. From what I read he had a dream, a mission.


I wondered to myself why am I spending so much time on them (movie and Obama), what affected me so much?


Today, I realized that there is a commonality in Slumdog and Obama. They are very genuine too.


When Slumdog was getting Golden Globes, Obama was getting ready for the highest office of power in the world. And I watched both live.

[This morning I heard Oscar nominations live on radio on way to work; Slumdog bagged 10 nominations in total second to Button and I threw my fist in the air].


I wish I could express my thoughts bit more structured like many of by blog friends like  UL,Suman, Anamika, Laksh and Muchus. They all write beautifully.


Anyways, leave you with a picture of the cast of Slumdog during India premiere. Even if you have issues in portraying india’s poverty in movies (I don’t because the focus of the movie is not the poverty), watch the film for art value; you don’t want to miss the direction, editing and stunning performances by everyone especially those child artists.



Here is the picture of Obama with Siddiqi appeared in NY times.






Happy Birthday my dear friend. May God continue to bless you with tons of happiness.

Many Many happy returns too.

This is for you.

I claped loud when Rahman accepted the GG for Best Music score for ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMqFCCt6MSg

yet again..when Sharukh Khan and Freida Pinto came on stage to present the Slumdog nomination.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPpNHem78YE

yet again and again..Slumdog won for best direction and Best picture.

Many blogged about how inappropriate was Anil Kapoor’s excitement showing..i thought he was genuinely happy and showing it off ( I have bit of Anil Kapoor in me, for sure) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN_ykCqbiCA .

The fact that I watched Slumdog the night before made the awards even special. I was amazed at the kids who played the younger Jamal, Latika and Salim. I liked Devand Frieda. very proud of them for their achievement at this young age.  Glad to see Rahman coming out with new kind, yet very indian music (for some time, atleast I think, most of his songs had the same structure and feel)

 I was very proud and visibly excited  everytime Slumdog nominations were shown or Slumdog table was on the screen, on which MySon asked me  ‘Do you know these people on TV?’  ‘ofcourse I do’.

yeah right!

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