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Crazy/silly things from work life.

Posted on: January 8, 2009

I guess we all do something or other silly crazy thing at work. Sometimes on impulse, sometimes consciously for the thrill.


In December, I was managing a critical audit by an external body. So the auditor, my boss (on other side of table) and myself was in the meeting room ,all with our laptops wide open. Auditor is asking away questions, I am throwing answers as well proof of evidence etc. While the auditor was reviewing the stuff, I went to UL’s blog post, read and commented on it. Felt pretty good and was for the thrill. This is one of the recent ones.


Any silly stuff guys? Or my guess is incorerct and you all are just perfect professionals??


4 Responses to "Crazy/silly things from work life."

Wow, you read my post in the middle of a meeting, what could be more perfect than that?ok, confession time, I have written poems 🙂 Arent we all perrfect beings…:)

Shy, atlast.
I hope I’ll do a U-turn and start liking ‘ Aviyal’, ‘coz of MiaAviayal’.
I used to love it, but thanks to my latest ‘Maid-in-Law’, can’t say the same now 🙂
Good Luck with your venture and wish me the same,I’ve come back on New Year’s and am as good as newbie now 🙂

The only difference in my case, is that I get caught most of the times 🙂

I tend to day dream !!!

@ul: poems and you, anytime anywhere..no surprises there…bring in some more!
@munch: thanks and welcome. this is a small attempt; like many of you I don’t write that well. some I will be quite a Aviyal. Happy New year! I kept checking, Now I will see posting at your place.

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