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Slumdog and the President -Do you see it?

Posted on: January 22, 2009

I must confess that lately I have been spending lot of time on the web reading and watching everything and anything on the movie Slumdog Millionaire and first family Obamas.

Slumdog is movie about  Jamal who lived with minimals or less. He is innocent, intelligent , honest and has a caring nature. All through his growing up years, he dreams to find Latika, his long lost love, he lost her at the age when he did not know it is so called ‘love’. When everyone in the country to wants to get into the game show for money, Jamal wants to be there not for the money but to find Latika. All he does in his life is set on one mission, to find Latika.


Barack Obama lived with minimals or less in his growing up years, I read here and here

*** Obama first met Siddiqi when he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles. Obama was living with a group of Pakistani students when Siddiqi arrived for a visit. Obama transferred to Columbia University and lived off campus with Siddiqi. Siddiqi was not a student and made his living working in restaurants. Together they lived in a drug-ridden slum apartment on 339 East 94th St. Siddiqi go the apartment by lying, saying he had a well paid job. The apartment was furnished by what they could find in the streets.***

He is intelligent, honest and has a caring nature. Siddiqi says that inspite of the poor situations they were in, Obama wanted to help others, which Siddiqi found uninteresting and boring. From what I read he had a dream, a mission.


I wondered to myself why am I spending so much time on them (movie and Obama), what affected me so much?


Today, I realized that there is a commonality in Slumdog and Obama. They are very genuine too.


When Slumdog was getting Golden Globes, Obama was getting ready for the highest office of power in the world. And I watched both live.

[This morning I heard Oscar nominations live on radio on way to work; Slumdog bagged 10 nominations in total second to Button and I threw my fist in the air].


I wish I could express my thoughts bit more structured like many of by blog friends like  UL,Suman, Anamika, Laksh and Muchus. They all write beautifully.


Anyways, leave you with a picture of the cast of Slumdog during India premiere. Even if you have issues in portraying india’s poverty in movies (I don’t because the focus of the movie is not the poverty), watch the film for art value; you don’t want to miss the direction, editing and stunning performances by everyone especially those child artists.



Here is the picture of Obama with Siddiqi appeared in NY times.







10 Responses to "Slumdog and the President -Do you see it?"

Shy, appreciate sharing your passion related to SM and Obama family. It was interesting to know what is capturing your attention the most. Not surprised about those picks!And I am thrilled to see my name in here! I believe that you are honest and your thoughts/words come from your heart..that is what is most important!

How did I miss this yesterday? Your ideas come through your writing so clearly Shy…you have thought provoking posts here as well. So let’s not talk about “not being able to express” etc, the more you write the more you will improve…I love this comparison, never thought of it in this way….very interesting piece you have here. I hope to watch that movie asap, at least before the Oscar…happy weekend to you as well, Shy.

Shy, I just commented at Laksh’s about the movie. What I really liked about the movie was the acceptance of reality and message of hope.

Shy, I second what UL and Anamika have written about your writing style. I always look forward to your posts and comments, please don’t hold yourself back. From my personal experience, UL is right, the more you write the better you get at it.

@anamika: Both still continue to fascinate me.thanks for the kind words.
@UL: Thanks.I will write more often..i guess..i mean I will try.thanks dearie
@suman: The message of the movie is hope and the execution is very moving.. It is the same with the new president. Thanks..will try to write more

You are not the only one browsing these news.You have company in me.Everyday i am browsing about new articles realted about SDM.I am really thrilled about A.R Rahman and can’t wait for the oscar day to come.I am also thrilled about obama and watched his inauguration live.And you write very well.


sorry misspelt related

hey Anila: nice to have you here. if you are browsing crazy, thanks for the company. I going to watch oscar live,keeeping fingers crossed. Did you notice that SM is nomintaed for best Sound Mixing too: Resul Pookutty a mallu sound engineer. way to go SM! Believe me, my web time doubled recently.hardly noticed the typo:)I am a typo girl by default.

Yes I know about resul and am excited for him.Let’s keep her fingers crossed

Shy, beautifully expressed. BTW I share your craze for both Obama and SDM. Isn’t it amazing how little hope can go a long way. It does bind us and lifts us above our ordinary lives. Not sure how I missed this post either!

@anila: my entire hands are crossed dear.I am very pissed off with Amitabh Bachan though; arrogance has gone into his head lately. Wonder he would say the same things about SM, had his son/DIL was acted in it. he can’t see Anil kapoor getting the recognition..sour grapes!
@Laksh:I feel very humbled when big writers like you(I mean it) visit here.I know, little hope indeed gets us excited big way and why am I going ear to ear even writing this response:)

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