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Happy Birthday Molu–updated

Posted on: January 26, 2009

My little girl is turning 2 today. feels like she was in my tummy just yesterday.But no, 2 full years of living in this world; as naughty as ever; as smarty as ever; as demandy as ever(‘give me now’ she commands); as clevery as ever(gets her poor brother all the scolding from dad for her mischiefs); loves lip stick (boy where do I hide them?);never shy to show off her necklaces and hair clips ( got a box full already)..she is 2? indeed she is.

Her brother calls her ‘my sweet best sister in the whole wide world’ most of the times (other wise he gives her a kick on his way and pretends nothing happened)

For dada, life is never the same after she is born. Man! talking of girls being daddy’s girls(who knew!… i was always mommy’s girl). Rain or snow; happy or tired dada always gives into her demands( boy! does she use it?..all the time).

For mamma me, she is all full of life, very ready for new things, very daring..you go girl!

No big celebration planned, because  my aunt’s and hubby’s uncle’s death in the family just last week( in india).

But we took the kids to an indoor fantasy fair yesterday; they did not want to come back. she was born the very early hour of 26th jan (exact same time this morning 12.20am she woke up from crib and want to snuggle in with us in bed. ofcourse we gave in. all of us wished her this morning, my son was very thrilled to give her the present (took me my surprise; was expecting bit of his tantrum of the lack of attention on him). Of course she got a new dress, I took her to church , lit candle( her fav part of going to church other than smiling and waving at all) got special blessing from the priest..she was very happy until she realised that she is going to the baby sitter. Once there, she gets pampered rotten by auntie and her kids. so goes her day till now.

dada is picking them early today, we are taking them out in the evening after cutting the cake..I will pick up the balloons..she will like a Dora one!

Happy Birthday C kutty..we all love you tons..God bless

……..so we took them out for dinner; before that

she got Dora balloon..Tiara( can’t go without it right?)..and nice cake..and a piano too.

Big brother played and sang ‘Happy Bithday to you’ while B’day girl sang to herself..to the end. took pictures..”mama tkae picture picture..i blow candal candal”(her version of Candle) well, she wanted me to capture THE MOMENT of blowing.

Wearing Tiara off we went out…had a great time coloring and what not in the restaurant..(both behaved pretty well)..so I had Ice Cap Martini…that was hard labor you know( 2 years back:)..who cares) ..i need to recover!

came home..Bday girl still wearing Tiara.. she sat on the potty also wearing just the Tiara(princess on a throne!!). bath done..bit more of pampering..prayer done too..now they are sleeping sound..goodnight my molu..May God keep you always safe in HIS care..sweet dreams molu. sweet dreams monu my son.

life is just worth living..every moment..feel truly blessed!


13 Responses to "Happy Birthday Molu–updated"

Many many happy returns of the day to your little molu. Loved reading this post and getting to know your mollu’s budding personality. Hug and kiss her for me.

I knew I was forgetting something…happy birthday to YOUR rajakumari 🙂 Wow, she is two already… I remember you mentioning that you are carrying like it was yesterday…time flies so quickly….I hope you took some pictures of her and are planning to send them out…Happ Birthday to dear C, may you grow into a beautiful girl both inside and out just like your mom, here’s lots of prayers and tonnes of wishes coming from this Aunty Usha, whom you haven’t met yet, hopefully, you will have heard of from your mommy. 🙂 Love lots on the second, have fun.

@suman:thanks much. Amazed at this young age, they have a personality..i ,just, was trying to think of my young ages..I better not go there:)..feels like I am developing (still) a personality at this old age:(
@UL:Thank you for your wishes and prayers for my molu. yes,indeed feel like yesterday.will send you pics soon. Honestly, they both hear Meera more often than your name. Both know Meera gave them the cellphone which MyS handed over to myD, on which she talks to all her friends, including dora and boots, almost every evening in some language only she knows( what is with it..moment she is on her toy phone she switches to some language..same when she plays going for shopping). thanks again dear

Hey Mia…got here from Spillay’s. You had never left a link when you visited my blog. Gald to have come here.
Here is wishing your little princess a very happy birthday! *hugs* to you and your kids! 🙂
Will come here often now and bug you in your space too 😀

Happy B’day to molu.My blessings to her.Good to read the account of her b’day.

Belated Happy Birthday to Molu!! Lovely post Mia. Could imagine the little one enjoying her birthday.

@Apar:Great to have you here!There was not much big things going on here..just some little nothings( some sweet and some sour); wasn’t sure worth leaving a link at your place.Thanks much for the wishes and hugs to kidos.they would love any pampering.
@anila:Thanks for your blessings for molu..she had a wonderful time.she started singing Happy Birthday even this morning..now, it can’t be everyday right:)
@laksh:never late Laksh. they both had blast..actullay parents too.thanks for the wishes.

Sounds like it was a blast 🙂 Ha…ice- cap martini huh 🙂 what did Dada have to celebrate his little girly second then? 🙂 Hope you are all recovered…Shy 🙂

@UL:dada didn’t labor at all…so no martini:)).we really had some good time.thanks dearie

I am late to comment, wish your daughter the very best! Great post, loved to know more about your kids! Enjoy 2009 with your adorable family!

@anamika:thanks much. never late, she would definitely like some more of wishes today and everyday indeed.Just that big brother may object to all that attention on her:)

Many many happy returns of the day to your lil one Shy. why not share some photos of all? shall we take this offline ?:) pls do send 🙂
Today is my my Mommolde’s star b’day.
But i’ve been logged onto work since friday nite and this will go on till sunday nite , live deployment 😦 but planning o take an off and celebrate on his DOB

@munch: Thank you dear for your wishes. And tons of wishes to your little one on 1st.May God continue to bless him.believe me, 2nd yr is much more fun specially their efforts to catch up with big brother. I know, work sucks,at times like this.have great fun on his DOB!

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