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Blog Manners…?

Posted on: January 30, 2009

I am a preschooler in blogging school, beginning to learn the manners/ethics and stuff.

I have added links to your blogs in my space without asking permission or not informing you immediately even after that. what is the norm ? what was I supposed to do?

Again, I am not leaving message at your space but here, hoping that my blog friends will see the list on right under ‘Blog friends’ and let me know if they like it to be removed.

Anamika, Laksh, Suman, UL, Apar, Spillay, Manchus 

hope you are not annoyed with me!

Should I tell my blog hopping sites about the listing? Sepia mutiny won’t care I think, but how about  ageless bonding?


Hope you had a good week; any plans for the weekend? Have a great one!


7 Responses to "Blog Manners…?"

Haha! Shy, am honored to be on your blogroll. I added yours to mine too without asking a long while back. Hope it is ok.
@laksh: An established and brilliant writer like you listing me is a real honor. But you have a big heart. reverse?wasn’t sure..thanks.

No probes here at all. I am honored 🙂
I’ve been planning on doing all these since long. Have been trying to be regular with posting these days 🙂
I get it, i was planning to do the modifications over xmas holidays; didn’t happen.i did this just last week on impulse. I enjoy your postings and keep checking..

how dare you? 🙂 only kidding 🙂 you know i have no probs…there was never a need for you to ask, more than welcome…
thanks dear, one of the culprits behind me starting blog…haha i will list you even if I don’t have a Blog..to give back!

I have no problems and am soooo honoured to be on your blog roll. I have to update mine and will sure add yours if you don’t mind! 🙂
c’mon someone get mad at me..kidding:).thanks apar in advance.

Hi Shy. Thanks for adding me on! I too don’t know much about blog manners, so cannot comment on that aspect,… 🙂 Hope that all is well at your end…
thanks sp..let’s learn the blog manners together if we ever get to it:). yes, life is good; hope things are ok at your end too.

Thanks for the honor! I had added you to my Google Reader long back.
you too culprit….kidding:)thanks much; hope to have more fun sessions here, there and all our blog friends places.good week!

Oh wow, thank you.
Will come back to read more.
usha, I feel so honored to see you here. unlike yours, mine is not a great place, mostly insignificant stuff. however, would love to see you here again.

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