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Peer pressure- make good use of it! Anyone?

Posted on: February 2, 2009

My friend UL’s post  on how her friends motivated her to hit the gym on last Saturday morning 9am (Saturday morning 9am?) that too after a Friday evening get together. That’s some motivation UL. Now that motivated me to give life to this post sitting in my draft folder for quite sometime. I too like some motivation to get healthy- I am sure many of you there have the same New Year resolution. We have company then.


If you are game, here is the deal. I suggest having a healthy resolution tracking pool. We track 2 essentials: good eats and physical activity. Be your own judge, no need to reveal how many lbs/inches you are intending to loose. When you visit my place, leave a note along with other comments, how you faired e.g.: ….btw, Mon- good eats; 15mts activity; Tue-good eats, no activity. I will consolidate for the week in a single post.


Eats has 3 levels: good, bad, very bad

Activity : walking, yoga(UL), bharatanatyam (suman?), writing/cooking is not included ( laksh and Apar!), not included is Wii Guitar (Anamika)


Here goes for me today (let me just finish this sooji halva before I go public with my lack of self discipline)


Ok Mon- very bad eats, 15mts walk


I know my own acts could put me to shame infront of you all, may be that itself is my motivation.



12 Responses to "Peer pressure- make good use of it! Anyone?"

HI Shy. Good on you for doing this! Hey… maybe you should consider becoming our very own personal trainer. 🙂 (This is exactly what my hubby’s personal trainer gets him to do – he even gave hubby a special diary to log all food intake and physical activity for each day) .. As for me,.. I thought I would have started with my exercise again yesterday when the boys returned to school… but it is already Tues evening and I am yet to move an inch!!!!
@sp:hahaha..If I am so balanced like trainers, I would not have added 10lbs in 1yr(ok 5lbs for india holidays pardonable..rest,shame on me).Now sp,justkeep that tape away and get moving)

I love this idea Shy, and yes I really could use teamwork and motivation to do this, I am in. Count me in. I think you have motivated me and please please do this weekly thing you talk of, I will definitely report to you….in fact I might even go to the extend of reporting to you at the end of every post I make in my blog 🙂

hopefully I wont jinx myself, every time I say I am good, I turn bad – but here’s my status – since Saturday 9:00 AM when I joined friends for the hour -long cardio, I have been really good –

Sunday – 1 hour step- cardio, food – good eats
Monday – 1 hour yoga, food – good eats

Besides this, I have been trying to do 20 minutes of yoga every morning, like I used to do when I was little….I have been doing it continously this last week, I did 20 minutes today as well…:)

Hopefully I wouldn’t have jinxed myself 🙂 and continue to do this… 🙂
@UL.thank you. I am looking up to you for motivation

… oh btw, eat good today Shy, no more halvas…though my mouth is watering at the very thought, hopefully i wouldn’t have access to any temptations, or hope to God I have the will to resist 🙂
@UL:good girl. I am done with halva.Tues,Wed,Thur-ok eats for me.good for us!

Hey Shy, cool idea! Wii Guitar should be counted..grrr! I just gobbled my favorite halwa my in-laws brought for me..now i will join the game once that is over?
@anamika:gimme that halva 🙂 and you get moving girl!

Excellent idea and perfect timing! I certainly need a buddy system to keep me going on the battle against bulges. I have a performance coming up and have not been practicing under the guise of being busy at work – this commitment will push me to make time for it.

The end is not over yet, so I will come back to you with the report at the end of the day.
@suman:girl,oneday i want to attend your bharatanatyam performance.yeah let’s battle the bulges!

Grrr…. I meant to say, the day is not over yet.
don’t worry about the typos..i got what you meant..btw,I am the original typo girl,not in a mood to give away my crown

Shy, for today – eat – good, activity – bad
you get 1/2point. Atleast, do 5mts aramandi !to get 3/4 points

Hey good idea Shy!
ok here goes…
Eating – good
Activities – very good 🙂 (cos I did not even nap)

Eating – good
Activities -very good 🙂

Not bad eh? 2 good days! Hope I keep it up!!
No Shy…I hardly cook these days 😦 I miss that a lot!!
Apar:good going girl!you have huge competition from UL.
And, seriously, it is time to start cooking.tell me what you made over the weekend; And in case you do not know I am very bad in accepting excuses!!

Shy my report for yesterday, I added to my post 🙂

Nice going gals. I don’t think I will attempt to join while amma is home. It is always eating very well and no activity. Perhaps Spring will see me change?
@spring back in spring then Laksh, i mean sping of 2009 ( don’t try to fool me just saying spring Laksh:)

Shy, thanks for your report, I was just going to ask about your update…what about activities? Managed those fifteen minutes of walking daily???

I came from Laksh’s blog.
Can I join too?


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