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“He will be a great man”

Posted on: February 3, 2009

This morning I was talking to Mommy for the second time. First from home and this from work. Kid’s wished them from home and I was doing my wishing part. Feb 3rd, it is our family Birthday, that is how we celebrate it, or it is my parents 51st wedding Anniversary. Both acha and mommy were in very happy mood especially because Michelle and her parents ( my little brother and wiffy) are with them at home for the special day (till Saturday).

As usual Mommy and I were chatting away; mommy asking about kids and their naughtiness and how much she misses them. She was talking and I was all listening ears today. At some point she was choking up talking about what good time we had last August when we all siblings went down to India to celebrate the Golden Jubilee (because of school and stuff we could not go in Feb) talking away in the night past 4-5am.

Then she started talking about my son. She was telling me how touched she was, when from nowhere he would come and gave her hugs few times a day. My son did not know to play cricket, mommy taught him to bat and she bowled. She talked to him all day in her not so fluent English (she is not the one to hold back anyway).And it went on….

She remembered proudly how he was behaving like a responsible person to make sure that the decorations were in place and nobody spoiled it; flowers and garlands held properly by each kid to welcome my parents to the stage. This all was happening when he hardly knew anyone in that crowd of 300+ people we invited for a function to celebrate. And he was hardly 4yrs.

She took a pause..no choking this time, she said “ You know your son is much smarter than you. One day he will be a great man”. I was choking now…some silence later we hang up the phone.

It is her wishes for my son..it is her blessings for son..it’s her dream for my son.

Mommy, I have no words to thank you although you always tells me ‘never thank mothers, just love them’. I do love you..you are my strength as much as you are my weakness..you are my best teacher I ever had, you are my motivation.

A great man for her is someone in a leadership role whose decisions have huge impact on people’s life.

Mommy, Your wishes, dream and blessings will not go wasted. May all your wishes come true!


9 Responses to "“He will be a great man”"

I like the term “family birthday” 🙂 Please do wish your parents on A’s & my behalf 😀

Of course your son will be a great man! Look who he has for a mum and a grandmum?!

Shy, I am lost for words, what a tribute to your mom and son, it is beautiful, I loved the part about your mom teaching C, how to bat! The more I hear, the more I want to see her…pass on my best wishes and congrats to your parents on their golden anniversary…here’s to tonnes more of togetherness and happiness….love lots, UL

PS: I read your comment on mine, I will try and respond as soon as I get a chance…work is higher priority today..

Please convey my Best wishes and Congrats to your parents!!!

My wishes to your parents. It’s great to good to know about them through your past. I liked her statement on how you don’t need to thank moms, just love them. That was very profound. Here’s wishing that your little one becomes a “great man”, just the way your mom wants him to be.

Report for today – eats – good, activity – bad. I still haven’t gotten around to practicing. My bad.

Aww. touching post shy. Loved reading it. My heartiest wishes to your parents and and here’s to your “great man”. Cheers!

You must be proud being her daughter! And I can imagine how proud you must have felt hearing her talk about your son. Nice touching post!

Hi Shy. A very beautiful post 🙂 . There is so much love in your family and it shows…. What a wonderful thing. I wish you all the very best… ♥

Wow! that was really so beautiful… it is so touching and makes you feel so good reading it!

You write so well… my first time commenting 🙂 though I feel like I know you (through UL’s diaries)

Take care….

@thanks Apar..sure he has a wonderful grandma..as for mom, not sure, but let me let it as your blessing for me!
@UL,you know my craze..you think she has a real cricket bat..she handmade one from coconut ‘madal’.thank you so much dear
@Anila, thanks for your wishes..how is your cutie pie doing?
@Suman, thanks much girl, it means a lot to me.oh yes, that is one of her many such fundas
@laksh:thank you; I better do my part to fulfill it:)
@anamika, i love to be reborn, if ever, as her daughter n times; but that’s selfish..i should give others chance to enjoy that. thanks girly.
@sp,thank you for your kind words. i look upto your family with awe sp.
@JS,thank you. And welcome here..my God, i am not one of those writers like my other regulars here..Oh yes, I treat UL’s space like my 2nd blog by leaving regular and long comments:(don’t know when she is going to block me:))

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