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Healthy living buddies..updates, rules, tips and a song

Posted on: February 5, 2009


First of all ‘cheers to my buddies’!


We made some good start here..(but some are still eating Halva).


Girls few things: please tell me if you disagree or have better suggestions. And as we go, we will make modifications.



Redefining ‘good eats’ grades to make it more positive; negativity does not motivate. So good eats grades changed to; ‘good, ok, bad’ from ‘good, bad, very bad’.



  1. Week runs Friday to Thursday. This enables me to post summary on Thursday night. Friday night I don’t log in regularly. (moreover we need some leeway for the weekend eating)
  2. Weighing scale and tape: it takes 3000 cal to loose 1lb (yah!). That darn needle does not shake easily. so we need to bring the needle to work our way. Today, Friday, get on it, note down the number. Keep the scale aside or just hide it to avoid temptation. Next time you will be seeing that scale after 4 weeks ie Feb 26th, Thursday morning/Wednesday night .And Thursday tell me did you bend the needle in your way. Do not need to publish by how much; just say ‘Yes/No, needle bend’( oh feel free to add your emoticons. ‘Needle bend’ will be in every 4th weeks summary post. Same goes for the tapes.



  1. Hang that one shirt/Jeans/jacket (which is your target size and you used to comfortably fit in) in your closet such that you get to eye it everyday.
  2. If you use (exclusively or shared with spouses) butter, ghee, margarine, salad dressings, sauces etc write on the bottle the day you opened it. Check the nutrition label info for portion size. By the time you finish, you get an approx idea if you need to adjust your portion size. Too complicated? just leave it.. it could  be my bad writing


So we continue buddies..now sing with me

we shall overcome, we shall over come, we shall overcome everyday…

the temptations of the snacks, and yummy treats too..

we shall be active everyday..’


5 Responses to "Healthy living buddies..updates, rules, tips and a song"

Hey Shy,

I have a suggestion to make regarding tracking this. I like the idea of summarizing here, but I worry that daily reporting to you via this blog is too much work for you. Not the reading part, but the keeping track part for your summary.

So I just wanted to suggest something – if all of us that are participating in this project has a gmail account, we could share the outcome for the day in a google excel document. If this idea seems workable, please take the lead to start an excel document in google with columns for Date, Friend, Eat, Activity, and Comments (in case, someone wants to include something like would like to do better, or like UL if she wants to track temperament), then share the document with all of us with the entitlement to edit. That way all of us can input daily in a centralized document, and it will be easy for you to do the reporting. It seems like a pain when I explain, but once you set it up, it really becomes efficient.

And by all means, feel free not to consider this, if the present way of doing this is working out for you.

I am happy to do whatever it takes to get this going. I think this team effort is a fabulous idea. Thanks for coming up with this.

Now report – Thursday – eats -ok (not happy with portion control and succumbed to one full mug of milk – half mug would have been ideal- at night), activity – ok (started for the sake of starting. Would like to do better).

Take care and have a great weekend. May be I will send you my dance video. That way I can set expectations on my dance standards.


Hey…I like Suman’s idea of tracking too 🙂 thumbs up Suman 😀

About weighing in…I will take a long rain check! I am right now concentrating on just eating right & exercising. I have to lose weight; but that really is not my goal – not now till I set my life in order. The exercise & eating right if it works out, I must ideally lose weight.

Sorry! Just that I am trying to set some priorities in order! Long way to go for me! 😦

Needle Bend – what a term! Loved it – I would love to move it, way-way left of where I am now – 🙂

You know I am in…anyway you like it, I will continue to report on my blog daily M to F, as I tend to make a post M to F, weekend report will come in on M, if you like to do this any other way, I will comply, as I would like to get this going hook or crook – 🙂

This is motivating to me. I like the Google excel idea. Will be easy for you, Shy!

@suman: it is like the saying’doctor prescribed what the patient wished for’ crude translation from malayalam (for the mallus:rogi ichichathum vaidyan vidichathum naraumpaal).Didn’t know much about google doc..works fine and simple..you must ahve the email notification by now.thanks for the wonderful idea
@apar:suman’s idea is great.Apar,we should NOTfeel pressured but motivated that is the intent. So I understand, we all set out priorities.Nothing is mandatory here, similar to missing few days report..no issues girl.And you have my support in your journey
@UL:Bend instaed of ‘move’ just to make us feel so powerful that we can bend steel:)any possible way to boost our ego to help us motivated.I have the excel shared in google.so no issues now
@anamika: halve over?..hurry!..thanks

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