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Swim, Bike and Dance

Posted on: February 10, 2009


Over the last few weekends, I was spending time with Elizabeth Gilbert (Liz) of Eat, Pray and love. We were at the Ashram last weekend half way through the stay there. I like it so far.


I want to learn 3 things in my life definitely.


I read that Liz’s mother was non swimmer and then she learnt swimming reading a book ‘how to swim’ and swam across Lake Minnesota. Then Catherine, Liz’s sister, swam across a lake when she was pregnant. (I have a liking for side actors, as I have told you before). I want to be able to swim, for fun and for exercise. Then the family can go for more beach vacations.


I can’t bike either. really? you think. I am amazed at people and kids who can bike. I want to be able to bike, for fun and for exercise. Then the family can go for bike rides.


I am so surrounded (in the virtual world) by Bharatanatyam dancers (Suman, Anila, Apar..anyone else?…very proud of you all and bit jealous too). I competed and won in state level for Folk dances while in school. My parents could not afford a Bharatanatyam teacher for private classes and the expenses around performances. Our group dance teacher taught us the basics of this highly acclaimed dance form like mudras and adavukal. I joined a class after moving to Canada, but could not continue after the marriage. I want to be able to dance for fun( It is good exercise too). I have told one of my close friends that I will do a dance performance (as an old lady) for her book publishing ceremony, if she permits.


In this picture, she seems to be doing Swim,Bike and Dance all in one..so gracefully.

one day my dear..one day…


While I am aiming at these 3, do you have anything in your dream list?


5 Responses to "Swim, Bike and Dance"

Hi Shy,
I saw your’s and UL’s comment at her blog.Yes I know dancing.I am passionate about dance.I learnt bharathanatyam for 8 years in india.I again started going to dance class here in US a few months back.One of my dreams is to give a professional performance for atleast one hour.I don’t know if i will be able achieve my dream ,but i will try my best.
You should definitely continue to dance.Congrats on your folk dance competition win.It’s never too late to learn anything.Wish you all the best for the biking and swimming classes.
I have a lot more to say on this topic about my dreams,but i will continue tomorrow
@Anila: i was waiting for you today. Very proud of you and may your wishes come true. I amsure that will be one good performance.now the little one can also dance with amma. waiting to hear more from you, here.

Oh Shy, we do have a lot in common, I seem to be saying this a lot to a lot of bloggers….but here’s the truth – you and I have so much in common – about this post, superb. You already know my dream, if mine is possible, even remotely possible , then yours is 100% happening….I will come to your performance , no matter what, no matter when and that sounds like a wide promise, but it is one… 🙂

About swimming , I would love to learn it too, I hope some day Meera would teach me 🙂

About biking- I do bike, we biked a lot before Meera, we have to start it up again, next summer, you just gave me the idea…

About dancing – I have an almost similar story, you brought back memories…ones suppressed and forgotten, I learnt the basics of dancing when I was in nursery – I think there’s an old black and white of me in a costume too at that age…but when I moved to school, I never got the opportunity to learn more…even though I longed for more in those days…let me just say learning and performing was not easy in those days…I would love to learn for fun, though I dont want to perform, i just want to go out to a dance club and have some fun 😉 ha, ha, fancy doing that when we are old and grey?? 🙂

love lots to you girly, and

Anila- that was such a beautiful comment, we have known each other for so long, and I believe it is the first time I am hearing your love for the art, I knew you danced but your love comes through your words…I am so glad you told me about this comment and I could come by to see it…come on out with it, let’s hear more on those dreams…and please start that public blog…you express so well. 🙂
@really?that is news to me UL, you don’t swim? we should learn it, it is such a shame; moreover it is a life saving skill. I knew about your bike rides. As for dancing, I am keen on Bharatanatyam..one day..we have to fulfill our dreams.here to our wishes!

Shy! I truly believe that anyone can learn anything at any age. Besides, you are in a country where they do believe that 🙂
I did learn to swim when I was in NY. I have biked and yeah as you mentioned – I used to dance. Been ages now close to 4 or 5 years since I did that.
What do I want to learn? Well, as the tamil saying goes “Katradhu kai mann alavu, kallaladadhu ulagu alaavu!” meaning what one has learnt is only a fistful and what one has not is as huge as the universe. So there is lots to learn. Hope I do. If you want to know anything in particular – I want to learn to play music instruments the veena and/or the guitar 🙂 and I want to learn pottery (have heard that it is insanely calming). Sport – I want to play tennis 😀

Hope your dreams come true. If I am around or if I can make it to your performance I certainly will!
@Apar: I am proud of you that you know Bharatanatyam. You can easily brush upon the few years. I know, learning is and should be never ending, but we need to have certain things picked. Umm..music instrument, i know nothing too..pottery, interesting..Tennis, sure you should. Dream hard and follow them apar. May your wishes come true too.thanks

Hey Shy, I have peeked at this blog of yours few times but never commented. This one forced me to comment. As Anila said, I love dancing and I learnt dancing for about 6 years in India, as a kid. After a looooong break, I started learning here and gave couple of kutty (small) performances here – it is exhilarating. My dream is to give a full-fledged dance performance aka my younger days – not sure if that will happen. Biking is not in list as I have biked to school everyday in my life and go on rides even now. Swimming is one skill that I have always to acquire – for me it is a survival skill. I love water and would like to be in water (not just knee-deep :)) without the fear of drowning. I have just started to go to a class to learn swimming and your post so resonated with me and my passions – hence the long comment. Sorry to take up so much of your space!
@a-kay: how exciting to see you here; very humbled by such multitalented people’s presence here.thanks you and warm welcome.dance you must, kutty or vallyathu(big).quite a few dancers here.family bike rides are in my wishlist.I agree, swimming is a suvival skill and is a must have.let’s continue our learning a-kay.please long comments, no limitations at all.due to long weekend,did not log in therefore late response,sorry

Here’s wishing you that you get to learn dance, biking, and swimming. Thanks for linking me here, although I feel tad guilty for not leveraging the opportunity to learn dance to the best I can.

My dreams, I don’t know Shy. I have these small desires – like researching and learning the theory of bharathanatyam, become a columnist, devote my time for a cause and make a difference etc. etc.

Tried my hands on swimming, but did not learn in the 10 classes I enrolled in.
suman: thank you for the wishes. I will try my best.Wow suman, if you call that your small desires, mine little likes.We must follow them with passion.shoud we try swimming again in one season together, sometime?

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