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Alai Payuthe..

Posted on: February 13, 2009

Knock Knock ..it’s an early valentine.


Thought, before many of you get covered under red roses and chocolates and everything else (like art works) , here are my wishes for you and your loved one(s). Happy V day.


I liked this movie a lot; needless to say I like the genuineness of Madhavan and Shalini, add to it Mani Ratnam’s direction and Rahman’s music. Perfect Aviyal, just to my liking.


Songs are great indeed. I leave you with this, not the songs though. Make sure you watch to the end specially the part where the Madhavan’s friend’s conversation (pull the bar to 5mts if in hurry).


Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. We are taking kids to Chuck e Cheese and family pizza lunch. Don’t see any roses coming on my way, but my fridge is now decorated with quite a few paper hearts and I love you mama’s from kidos.


Any memories around this movie you like to share? Or V day plans or just little nothings


Enjoy everyone! Good weekend too. God bless!


Note: it is a long weekend for us; Monday being family day.


8 Responses to "Alai Payuthe.."

Enjoy the long weekend and happy V day to you too, Shy….love lots. Will write more soon.
UL:thanks dear.hope you had a good one;yes i know it from your blog now.we had family time in Chuck e cheese over games and pizza as planned. sunday went out for dinner.

Oh… how I love this movie. That was a good avial of all the good scenes from the movie – thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a good long weekend and happy V day!
akay:nice movie..aviyal..hahha.what was special for V day at lemon and chillies’s home?.hope you had good time.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family too 🙂 I wish you a memorable one…♥
sp:thanks and hope you had good time too.we had good family time, nothing dramatic!

Shy, Happy Valentine’s Day! What a nice clip to share. Loved it! Missing K now 🙂
Laksh: thanks. And I learnt from your blog that you fell in love head over heels yet again, the moment K called to wish you on V day.lovely, will be over there to comment.

Alaipayuthe certainly makes it to my list of favourite movies.
Wish you a very happy Valentine’s day Shy.
@apar- it is a nice and realistic movie.thanks and hope you had a good one.

Looking forward to watching the clip. Have you seen Mouna Raagam? A very practical love story!
suman: it was hard not to fall in love with Karthik..he is like today’s Madhavan or Amir Khan in Khayamat se khayamat tak.Revathy is one of my fav next to shobana/suhasini. I did not know much about Mani ratnam then, well the access to resources were very poor, compared to now everything is on finger tips.Mouna ragam , a classic and very practical.Enjoy the above clip

ah i loved mouna raagam – same with a hindi story of aishwarya and ajay devgon..a similar story line…revathy/shobhana – my favorites too…:)
UL: right , the movie Hum Dil de chuke sanam by Bansali. i think while shooting that salman and Ash fell in love for real. yes, was a nice movie and similar story line

The movie is good but it really set the trend of young people getting married, registering their marriage and living in their respective houses without telling their parents.
really? didn’t know about that after effect.Cinema is a powerful medium then!

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