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1 week or 7 days

Posted on: February 17, 2009

If you take medicine, it takes only 7 days otherwise 1 week. Yeah, it is about how long a cold lasts.

I just got over with a bad one. I do everything from gargles, to chukku kappi ( a boiled concoction of dried ginger, jeera, black pepper, coffee powder and sharkara/jagiri) to occasional Tylenol cold. When you have cold you are not sick enough but man! Is it irritating and annoying to self!

I worked from home half day Wednesday last week, had to get to work for a meeting in the afternoon. Postponed quite a few minutes without issues, for the fear ( ? not necessarily fear)/ uncomfortable feeling of spreading it to others when in  closed meeting rooms.

While in India, not coming to work because of cold is considered something like a manipulated sick leave. Postponing your meeting due to cold, will be ridiculed I guess. Here they mostly expect you to stay away to reduce the absentees by reducing infection.

It is the same crapy cold wherever you are, but the expectation is so different. Weird? funny?


6 Responses to "1 week or 7 days"

Just on the verge of catching one… sore throat is not a good sign of what’s in store.

Hope you are feeling better. Lol! on your crappy cold and expectation comment.
suman:don’t get it..i tell you it is no fun.gargles with warm salt water, that saved me a lot.I am not crappy anymore:)

Colds….tell me about. Wrote one post http://myheadtrip.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/bad-cold/ where I had also cribbed about bad colds. Thing is I must not really be cribbing as I seem to have a cold 24/7 all days of the year!! 😦

Hope you are feeling better. I did find Nyquil pretty effective there… 🙂
apar: commented on your post.very true..lol at ‘good cold’.I try stay with home remedies as much possible.thanks, I am live and typing:)

I know the difficulties of cold as i get it once in a while.Hope you are feeling better now.
anila: They say it is good to have 3-4 colds (per year) to strengthen our immune system.May be when I am 60 my system will be so strong and no cold:).thanks, it is clearing off.

I am brewing a theory for how it works in india 🙂 in fact that one makes sense too, more on that later this evening….i promise to write

I just typed in a new message and when I clicked submit, I lost it!!! too lazy to go through it again, may be tomorrow, forgive me please? love lots, UL
UL-I do want to hear it, please

Immunity is higher in India too Shy – people dont worry about allergies and spreading germs left, right and center. Remember back home during pregnancy we used to eat nuts, here the kids cannot even try nut until a certain mile stone has been met. My mom, grandma used to tell me a child should try everything before they hit the age of one…to develop taste and to like it…here everything is a no-no, by preventing I think we are lowering our immunity dont you think? You are right, the social standards we set are so different for just a crappy cold…
hey, I ate lot of nuts esp peanuts (folic acid) and almond during both the preg and I started giving to kids powdered almod etc around 5-6 months. I did not know that.Like with eating, too much proventing of anything ( dust/fear of failure/fear of fall) lowers your immunity and ability.

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