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He is coming..he is here

Posted on: February 19, 2009

President Obama’s Air force One and entourage are doing trial run; his limo is testing the ice and snow.

Yes it is his first official foreign trip as the president and I am honored that he chose friendly neighbor Canada, my homeland. He is landing at 10.30 in the capital Ottawa and will spend most of his one day visit  time in the Parliament Hill.

I will be busy covering the event and might shake a hand with him. (wishful thinking girl..you will cover the event through the media for sure and for shaking hand, shake your own).

On Tuesday Peter Mansbridge of CBC (one of my fav news anchors) had a interview with Obama. Peter mentioned to him that he wears Canada on his belt referring to his famous Blackberry made by RIM, Canadian company.

There is lot of excitement everywhere; as you can see I am excited too.

Welcome home Sir, glad to have you here.

…’over to Keith in Parliament Hill.

side note to anyone interested: According to IMF, Canada has the strongest financial system in the world and we do not have sub prime issues like in US, although there are other recession related issues. Am proud to be Canadian!


4 Responses to "He is coming..he is here"

me too 🙂 -though I am across the border 🙂

haha..you are confused than an ABCD:) a real Pardesi… I know what you mean dear

🙂 I think Obama (similar to Bill Clinton in ’92) is one of the very few politican who can truly become a statesman. Bill ruined his chance / image with thou-shall-not-be-named, I hope Obama doesn’t squander his away – there is too much hype/hope surrounding him.

I do hope you get to shake hand with you 🙂
Clinton has a charm to win hearts, But President Obama has that, plus knowledge, life experiences to make sense from a common man’s perspective. That matters to me. Life is nothing without hope, isn’t it? that goes for all of us inc President. So let’s hope..and shake my hand yet another time:)

I thought it was tradition. The first official foreign trip by the US president is to Canada.
I am waiting for Obama to prove himself worthy of all the expectations and hype! 4 years for him to do that! 🙂

And as A-kay puts it, hope you get to shake hand with you 😀
No Apar, there is no such tradition as far as I know. President Obama took over the office in the midst of a storm. I am not expecting magic(it is unfair),I am not expecting error free administration, but I hope he keeps a common man’s perspective in mind, while taking decisions. I truly believe, he is worthy of my expectation. hahha..had a good shake hand..warm and firm..

It was all over the news here too. I really hope this huge bill he passed here really does create jobs. Sometimes I am not really sure where I stand politically 🙂 I love Obama but going through economics class and reading about protectionism makes me wary of a whole lot of stuff.
now I know why I did not do MBA; that makes me wary:) on top of all other worries. thanks for enlightenment Laksh..u know I am kidding. Happy for your opportunity to study now Laksh.

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