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A different Sunday

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Sundays are very busy for me (well, other days are not?..good for you). By the time I finish my house work, grand hair wash, putting kids to bed, come down to finish off the rest of the cleaning and folding laundry , clock strikes 10pm or so. Then it is time to connect, preview the week’s schedule, prep work and some boghoping.

This Sunday Feb 22, is going to be different. I will be donning my best house dress and will be on the red carpet by 8pm EST. C’mon it is Oscar night gals.

And you all know who I am rooting for. Surprise..

Mid-day reported that the soul of Slumdog, the kid artist bunch has boarded the flight to LA  yesterday night. They will be making a trip to Disney Land before Sunday on their 6 days trip (arranged by the production house of course). This is the first time (probably the last time too..Oscar marks the end of awards season) the major cast of the movie appears together on red carpet. I am very happy for the kids and this one of a life time opportunity (who knows, I believe they have the talent to come back there many more times).

And Rahman is performing live Jai Ho with Sukhwinder Singh. Talking of Jai Ho song, My kids make a good chorus when every single time I hum the song, they do the Jai ho part in unison (although the little one says ‘eai ho’..works for me molu).

Good weekend all. Got to go gals..now where is my Oscar de la Renta dress  and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Note : It’s kind of a weird coincidence, the timing of slumdog and President Obama posts. They either appear in one post or one follows the other. It is not just the posts, Slumdog started on the award journey with Golden globe close to President Obama’s inauguration.


11 Responses to "A different Sunday"

LOL! I was smiling the whole time I read this. I am all set for the Oscar’s party too. In my PJs of course 🙂 Jai Ho!!
Armani PJs? enjoy Jai Ho!

I wish you an enjoyable Sunday evening in front of the telly (It’ll be Monday morning for us here). Although I don’t have the patience to sit down in front of the telly for more than an hour at once,… I promise to catch the highlights during the day. Fingers crossed for Slum Dog too! It would be a good WIN!! 🙂
I am not a TV person much; but this one is special,so planning to watch it.sure it will be a WIN!

Sorry…. Can somebody tell me what Jai Ho means? (I know that it is the title of the song from the finale… but what is it that they are singing about?)

@ sp:quick reply; catch the crude Eng translation of Jai Ho song here: http://inkspillz.blogspot.com/2009/01/slumdog-millionaire-jai-ho-lyrics.html

I am also very happy that the children got a chance to visit US.And i will be also watching the oscars sunday night.Hoping that slumdog gets the top honors
I am happy for them too.hopes are high!enjoy!

Shy Shy Shy… I smiled when I saw this post. I say you must be paid for all this propaganda :-). We will be at a party on Sunday evening, but hopefully I will get to catch bits and pieces of it hopefully!
aare suman, propoganda tho karna padega, mera maamaji Danny Boyle ki picture tho hein!..enjoy the party and oscar bits

🙂 Have a gala time at the Oscars!

Thank you for the comment 🙂 bday yet to come! 😉
you too JS. And have a great Birthday advance

I so wish I had Jimmy Choos 😀 It will be monday morning here and I will only catch the highlights on news channels or here on the internet. May the best win. Not really routing for anyone.
over and done now. Slumdog got 8 Oscars. Hope you got to see some highlights. As for the shoes, I have told Jimmy about your wish…:)

Watching Oscars, thought of you – looks like your fave movie is sweeping the awards… 🙂

Yes we can!!..it was their night. was fun watching.thanks for the late night comment JS

hey,I too jumped in to your page to see an update about it. Jai ho Jai ho!
Jai Ho..aaaja aaja zind ..

Seems like every blogger I visit has a post of SDM but I was anticipating one from you and you didn’t disappoint me! Like I told you before, you amaze me with your love for the little beautiful moments in life, and the way you savor them, I could learn from you…getting dressed up for Oscars…ah, I wish I could’ve seen you do that…
glad you did not get disappointed.as of the beautiful moments, my response is gonna be very long. Should do a post on it. for now, let me say, don’t learn from me dear.

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