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“Don’t learn from me dear”

Posted on: February 27, 2009

My good friend UL commented on one of my posts A different Sunday on Feb 25, part of which goes: ….Like I told you before, you amaze me with your love for the little beautiful moments in life, and the way you savor them, I could learn from you
Please don’t learn from me.
Things that I love and excites me are very simple and insignificant in many ways. And I savor them, it excites me and it shows. Like my many posts, on Slumdog, on MiChelle, on my son (actually all my posts are like that in hindsight).

Although there is probably no problem in savoring things, do that in private; showing genuine excitement is not considered a good manner (or ‘not composed’ behaviour). Can’t help mentioning criticism Anil Kapoor received from Indian media for showing his excitement on award functions/stages/talk shows.

And my eyes well up when I see/experience loving moments like  someone get married, a hug from my loved ones, when Laksh writes about her MBA experiences, slumdog kids on the red carpet, their reception in india, when I eat a all of rice from mommy’s hand……. Sadness does not make me cry that easily.

I have changed myself a lot in this department, but not enough for sure. And I so want to be a composed person like UL, a balanced person and I have mentioned it before in my posts.

Now why you want to learn from me dear?

Leave you with this song ‘Little moments’ from Country singer Brad Paisley. Have a good weekend you all.





7 Responses to "“Don’t learn from me dear”"

I don’t agree with you Mia – I would second UL. Learning to love those beautiful little moments makes life more fulfilling. I wish I could be like that. Showing genuine excitement and being composed – I don’t think they are mutually exclusive 🙂
akay thanks for the insight; are you like me too?. “Showing genuine excitement and being composed “..may be that is where my problem is..would you please expand, when you have time “….I don’t think they are mutually exclusive :)”
since you commented first and that too in agreement with UL, nobody disagreed with me..see it’s all your fault..u know I am kidding. hope to see u here more

I just don’t agree Shy!! It takes a lot to be so expressive about one’s excitement. It just spreads the joy one feels. Why must one not learn that from you? Pure unadulterated joy…It must feel good that you can share that with us! 🙂
Btw, you have been tagged 😀

apar, the excitement does not always spread joy..many a times, you are ridiculed and made fun off. But no one can take away my joy, can they?

yes, i will pick up 2 tags sometime apar…hopefully

Hi Shy. We are all imperfect,.. and we are all perfect. That’s what makes each of us special 🙂

yes sp, perfect with our imperfections!!

Its cool to be expressive. rite? My eyes well up too quite often and am a very senti person too.
But then, ppl(esp at work), think of me as ‘Jaada types’ , an introvert etc as I come across as a very serious person to most.
So I would say that it indeed is a quality that you possess.
Hey, think of this ” Shy is expressive”, isn’t there twist in the sentence itself 🙂

haha ..so much for the ‘expressive’ twist. I know what you eman by Jaada misconcept munch.genetically, I am an extrovert..seems like my genes are changing now..

The ability to savor the little moments is a gift Shy. I think it’s the little things in life that makes us happy and can sometimes bother us to no end (when they are not in our favor). It’s easier to come to terms with the big picture than to make peace with the little things in life! So, please nurture that trait of yours!

And the problem with Anil Kapoor was he was trying to steal somebody else’s limelight. It’s not his excitement that made him look cheap.
suman, you caught me here, making peace with little things (those not in our favor)!! I have long long winding roads to go to get there..if ever.

As for Anik Kapoor, I am still ready to give him the benefit of doubt..because I am not sure of myself, had I been in his position. I was no way associated with slumdog, but just the nomination made me watch Oscars start to end, firsttime. so the unpredicatable ‘me behaviour’

Shy, my description sounds so boring 🙂 only kidding, 🙂 let’s just say we are forming a mutual admiration society, seriously I dont have to repeat why I said what I said, every comment support me — so I am going to stick to my earlier comment, I love your way of appreciating every tiny moment, some day you will look back and say “I have lived life to its full extend, savored every tiny moment”, yes, I could definitely learn from you. And an aside, FYI – I really wish I could be the balanced person you think I am – I have a long way to go dearie – not yet composed and calm enough, my temparament exploded at the drop of a hat…but practise helps…for both you and me,..with practise I think one can appreciate the beautiful moments in life and still be a balanced person… both can go hand in hand- so let’s practise together 🙂 What do you say? We are already doing some of it through our healthy buddy formation…
girl, alright. Although, all the comments support you, I ma yet to get convinced. going to ponder on it some more. May be I am confused or may be I don’t know how to behave…let me sit on it.

yes, as suman too nicely put it (you will find it where), the hidden agenda of heathy buddies is something else..’mind over the matters’

:)Beautiful post..but then we all learn from those we care about or who are spl to us..

and i loveeeeee that song.. actually enjoy all song by Brad paisley..think his voice is divine!!! heard whiskey lullaby?

welcome here aarti. thanks, yes we do learn from each other some knowingly some unknowingly. when like in our case, my friend wants to be like me and I want to be like her, you kind of get into what is right/wrong,,bad/good. may be there is no right or no bad.
I like Brad paisley..oh yeah, whiskey lullaby. I like Michael Buble too ( ‘save the last dance for me’). do you?

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