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Once upon a time, long long time back, there in a Kerala village lived a girl. While in school, she was very thin built, 2 hands hanging down and 2 thin legs supporting her frame. Looked pretty deprived, but that was her natural frame. But she had a big head, big eyes and thick black long and wavy hair all the way reaching up to the knee.

 [alright, I am no good in story telling in English].

The hair was always plaited (keeping hair open or let loose was not in the culture). I so longed to tie my hair like a ball the way big people used to do in that part of the world. But I could not, because the hair was so thick and if at all I managed to make a ball with some help, it looked double the size of the already big head and it hurt so badly.

Fast forward.. just before the engineering 2nd semester exam time. I caught a viral fever, spend 2 weeks in hospital, got bit better, went and finished all my exams and got admitted again in hospital. (Now, I am sure that It was not just Viral fever). Few months after that my hair started falling..fell in balls everywhere I go. In less than 2 months the thickness got less than 1/4.th but the same length. Oneday my little sister said, it looks very ugly and if we reduce length it won’t look that thin. Half heartedly I agreed, but the moment the cut off piece fell on the ground I broke down big time. Remember crying for quite a while holding on to the hair on the floor. My sister felt very bad, it was not her fault.

It never got back to the normal hair.

Fast forward. I am working now and travelling in and outside India. My little sister, who was with me told that I need a makeover with my hair. It took her a while to convince me. Finally I got my first step cut (or layers as we call in NA) from a salon where she took me.

Then on I have this step cut, varying in length (not much though). In 2007, I did not trim my hair for whole 1 year just to see whether it is going to grow back to where it used to be (now that I do not have viral fever). It grew bit in length but no where close to where it used be in thickness, blackness or in length (hello, you are neither 12 now nor Benjamin Button)

Here to my little sister who is instrumental in many significant changes in my life. Also, here to my long lost thick mane.

From the pictures I have seen so far, many of you have short / medium length hair. Anybody had long hair before? Still has it? (I think Anila has it) Or always had short hair? Or go long and short as you please..?.


my response to your comment that is..

  1. My response added to each comment like I do now (bold and italic). In this case, you will not see it as an entry from me, if you are taking a quick peek at my place. 
  2. My responses to all comments as one entry, where in you have to scroll back to see what you have commented. But on the other hand,    you will see my entry when you take a quick peek.


Sometimes (sometimes?) my responses are longer than comment itself..haha at times even longer than the post itself..c’mon get a life!

Anyways, let me know, please.

(Now that I have fallen into the blog water, might as well take a good bath..for mallus vellathil veenathalle, kulichu keram).

note: wanted to use polldaddy, but seems like it did not like me or my poll question(it’s like who cares).. and just blanked out on me:(

Update: by popular demand I am going to continue the current way. Thank you all for your visits, thoughts and responses. Although only few months into this, it’s been fun so far and some learning too.


to  engineering profession and I promise to remain faithful and reminded of my obligation to the society.

Yesterday evening I took the oath and received my iron ring as part of “The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer. The Ring is worn on the little finger of the working hand, where the facets act as a sharp reminder of obligation while the engineer works.

This is yet another step in integrating to my adopted homeland both personally and professionally. For a foreign educated Engineer, it is quite a process to get P.Eng (licensed Professional Engineer) including passing exams and scrutiny. I got my P.Eng license in 2007 February; it was a welcome gift to my daughter (born Jan 2007; My son’s welcome gift in 2004 my Canadian citizenship. Sounds silly, but I wanted to welcome them to this world with some hard earned achievements in life). If one is engineering graduate from Canada, iron ring ceremony is conducted along side the graduation and they don’t need to get P.Eng. But for a foreign educated engineer, P.Eng license is a prerequisite (that’s why the mention of license).

Some of you knew that I had some important appointment yesterday; in the hush rush I did not tell you much; but like you guys thought it was not a doctor’s appointment. It was this.

Bit more one the ceremony itself: There are no guests allowed; only ringed senior engineers and the candidates. The candidates take an oath holding on to cold iron. Very solemn and private ceremony; no pictures can be taken.

Thought of sharing with you. Have a good relaxed weekend dear ones.

Note: to anyone interested, can read more here:


Just as the ritual is symbolic, so is the ring itself. The ring represents an engineer’s personal obligation to work for the betterment of society. The ritual suggests that engineer’s rings should be returned to their Camp upon retirement or death. The fact that this rarely happens is not important. What is important is that engineers who wear the ring know what it represents and remember their commitment. While some families choose to retain the ring in memory of a deceased engineer, this should be discouraged. It is important that an engineer’s ring not be worn by non-engineers or retained simply as a keepsake. It is a symbol of the engineer’s obligation to society and, as such, should not be trivialized.

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