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Officially wedded..

Posted on: March 6, 2009


to  engineering profession and I promise to remain faithful and reminded of my obligation to the society.

Yesterday evening I took the oath and received my iron ring as part of “The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer. The Ring is worn on the little finger of the working hand, where the facets act as a sharp reminder of obligation while the engineer works.

This is yet another step in integrating to my adopted homeland both personally and professionally. For a foreign educated Engineer, it is quite a process to get P.Eng (licensed Professional Engineer) including passing exams and scrutiny. I got my P.Eng license in 2007 February; it was a welcome gift to my daughter (born Jan 2007; My son’s welcome gift in 2004 my Canadian citizenship. Sounds silly, but I wanted to welcome them to this world with some hard earned achievements in life). If one is engineering graduate from Canada, iron ring ceremony is conducted along side the graduation and they don’t need to get P.Eng. But for a foreign educated engineer, P.Eng license is a prerequisite (that’s why the mention of license).

Some of you knew that I had some important appointment yesterday; in the hush rush I did not tell you much; but like you guys thought it was not a doctor’s appointment. It was this.

Bit more one the ceremony itself: There are no guests allowed; only ringed senior engineers and the candidates. The candidates take an oath holding on to cold iron. Very solemn and private ceremony; no pictures can be taken.

Thought of sharing with you. Have a good relaxed weekend dear ones.

Note: to anyone interested, can read more here:


Just as the ritual is symbolic, so is the ring itself. The ring represents an engineer’s personal obligation to work for the betterment of society. The ritual suggests that engineer’s rings should be returned to their Camp upon retirement or death. The fact that this rarely happens is not important. What is important is that engineers who wear the ring know what it represents and remember their commitment. While some families choose to retain the ring in memory of a deceased engineer, this should be discouraged. It is important that an engineer’s ring not be worn by non-engineers or retained simply as a keepsake. It is a symbol of the engineer’s obligation to society and, as such, should not be trivialized.


8 Responses to "Officially wedded.."

Congratulations and Celebrations!!! I loved reading this post. The ceremony itself comes across as quaint and exotic. Thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy the hard earned ring!
Thanks Laksh. You are doing wonderful things in professional life and this of mine not exactly that big. No celebrations; sure like the ring.

That’s awesome Mia! Collars up! very proud of you. And what a meaningful way to welcome your daughter.
thank you. You know, the little bit I can do to welcome them

How wonderful, dearie girl! I suspected you were talking of something else besides the doc’s, didn’t know it was the iron ring ceremony, heard of it from my sis, but I am so very proud of you, well done and congratulations…
Thanks dearie. I have to do something important professionally every year. And the inspiration is from none other than, you heard it zillion times, my mommy. Even now, in most of our conversations she tells me’ padikkanam..aayunnathra padikkanam..athinu samayam prayam onnum nokkaruthu'[should learn, learn as much you can..time and age should not limit you from learning]

Congratulations! Wishing you many happy years as an Engineer 🙂
thanks sp and my journey continues…

Congratulations! Am so happy for you. I love the way you have welcomed your kids – very meaningful.
The ceremony sounds like one of those freemason meetings which are all hush hush!! 🙂
Wishing you the very best Shy!!! 🙂
thank you apar. by now, you kind of know that I do lot of silly things ( or ‘meaningful’ like you said) to mark occasions or in general.

That is awesome!!! Congratulations… it is also such a cool ceremony and a great way to feel a sense of importance… Way to go, Shy!! 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!:)
thanks JS; I never had a graduation ceremony and never attended as guest. so don’t know the ‘coolness’ level of this one.it was very solemn

Hi Shy,
Really happy to see this post.Congrats on getting your PE.I din’t know you are also in this field of needing the professional license.Actually i am also getting into the process of getting the PE.As a first step i am going to write the FE exam this october inorder to get my EIT.After that i have to gain 4 or 5 years experience to become eligible to write the PE exam.I have a long way to go yet.So i know this a great achievement for you.Well Done!!!
thanks anila. I am in software field and did not need license to practice engineering. I just wanted to get it as part of professional development. I know it is long haul! but stay put and get it done, it is worth it. best!

Congrats, Shy! Am touched to read your mom’s words in your comments about how age should not a barrier to learning more! Great job and congrats!
thanks dear. Mommy is the inspiration for us to keep going in our professional life. when she retired, she started learning Tamil from a book.she has no lazy mind nor does she sit somewhere. thanks for your kind words.

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