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how do you like it?….update

Posted on: March 9, 2009

my response to your comment that is..

  1. My response added to each comment like I do now (bold and italic). In this case, you will not see it as an entry from me, if you are taking a quick peek at my place. 
  2. My responses to all comments as one entry, where in you have to scroll back to see what you have commented. But on the other hand,    you will see my entry when you take a quick peek.


Sometimes (sometimes?) my responses are longer than comment itself..haha at times even longer than the post itself..c’mon get a life!

Anyways, let me know, please.

(Now that I have fallen into the blog water, might as well take a good bath..for mallus vellathil veenathalle, kulichu keram).

note: wanted to use polldaddy, but seems like it did not like me or my poll question(it’s like who cares).. and just blanked out on me:(

Update: by popular demand I am going to continue the current way. Thank you all for your visits, thoughts and responses. Although only few months into this, it’s been fun so far and some learning too.


7 Responses to "how do you like it?….update"

I like it the current way – I have always liked responses that way. Feels a lot personal. But hey, this is just my opinion 🙂
your opinion counts akay.thanks for the quick response at this late hour!..got it, night is still young at west coast.

I’m fine with anything. 🙂

okay sp.thanks for letting me know

Like Spillay, am fine with any thing. 🙂

Apar, that was not given as an option:). No, don’t go in life with ‘fine with anything’.

I too like the way you do it right now Shy. It would be really cool if WordPress sends an email out to the person that commented when a reply is posted. LJ has that option.

me too me too. I am not sure of the email notification part, if I do the current way. Anyways, why you need notification:) just check out on me often..hahaha

I too like the current way.

thanks anila, personally i too like the current way

It really doesn’t matter:) we will all be coming back to hear what you have to say anyway:)

I could get an idea of the solemnness of the ceremony from your post! … I was just imagining it and it did sound cool! you are too modest:)… way to go!

oh! did it become too long for a comment?

that’s great JS; llove see all of your comments/thoughts here. Am I modest? i thought I flaunt just by bloging about it. no, no limits on length,breadth, depth, volume, frequency, area or anything like that in this place. comment on girl..

My responses added, post updated with poll results.

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