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Mundane mane matters

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Once upon a time, long long time back, there in a Kerala village lived a girl. While in school, she was very thin built, 2 hands hanging down and 2 thin legs supporting her frame. Looked pretty deprived, but that was her natural frame. But she had a big head, big eyes and thick black long and wavy hair all the way reaching up to the knee.

Β [alright, I am no good in story telling in English].

The hair was always plaited (keeping hair open or let loose was not in the culture). I so longed to tie my hair like a ball the way big people used to do in that part of the world. But I could not, because the hair was so thick and if at all I managed to make a ball with some help, it looked double the size of the already big head and it hurt so badly.

Fast forward.. just before the engineering 2nd semester exam time. I caught a viral fever, spend 2 weeks in hospital, got bit better, went and finished all my exams and got admitted again in hospital. (Now, I am sure that It was not just Viral fever). Few months after that my hair started falling..fell in balls everywhere I go. In less than 2 months the thickness got less than 1/4.th but the same length. Oneday my little sister said, it looks very ugly and if we reduce length it won’t look that thin. Half heartedly I agreed, but the moment the cut off piece fell on the ground I broke down big time. Remember crying for quite a while holding on to the hair on the floor. My sister felt very bad, it was not her fault.

It never got back to the normal hair.

Fast forward. I am working now and travelling in and outside India. My little sister, who was with me told that I need a makeover with my hair. It took her a while to convince me. Finally I got my first step cut (or layers as we call in NA) from a salon where she took me.

Then on I have this step cut, varying in length (not much though). In 2007, I did not trim my hair for whole 1 year just to see whether it is going to grow back to where it used to be (now that I do not have viral fever). It grew bit in length but no where close to where it used be in thickness, blackness or in length (hello, you are neither 12 now nor Benjamin Button)

Here to my little sister who is instrumental in many significant changes in my life. Also, here to my long lost thick mane.

From the pictures I have seen so far, many of you have short / medium length hair. Anybody had long hair before? Still has it? (I think Anila has it) Or always had short hair? Or go long and short as you please..?.


11 Responses to "Mundane mane matters"

I am someone who goes up and down – as far as hair length goes πŸ™‚ I used to have really long hair till my college days – my parents were not too much in favor of having short hair, or for that matter going to a salon to get it cut. I moved to Bangalore with long hair and no skill to plait it – Laksh used to patiently plait it every morning for a while, till both she and I got tired of it, and I decided to get it cut really short – almost shoulder length much to my mom’s dismay. From then on my hair level has gone up and down, depending on what I am in the mood for; till a few years back I decided to grow my hair back, as K challenged me (or rather teased me) saying that I am not very young anymore and my hair won’t grow as it did when I was in school / college (and yes, these kind of things get to me easily πŸ™‚ ). Anyway now I guess I have medium length hair, almost waist length. Well, that is my hair story, in short. (Or may be not – just realized that I typed in a really long cmment :-P)

so Laksh was the official plaiter!! Oh man, the guys (think) they have sense of complimenting (it gets to me esily too girl). are you going to keep waist length now. I like long hair, but maintenance is a huge issue..time being the #1.
Let me also add, due to global financial slow down, shorter hair..means less shampoo..less conditioner..less water..less gas for heating water..that makes my case?!!

Akay, longer the comment..the better, no limits here..anyday,anytime

I have always had long hair.But my hair is not thick as before and it is continously falling now.Yet i don’t feel like cutting it short.Last week i went to the indian parlour and had a hot oil hair massage.I felt it was time i took care of my hair.I am thinking of doing the massage monthly and start putting henna on hair once a week.It seems henna reduces hair falling.

goody Anila, oh wow hot oil massage! thye do that in indian parlour here. got for it. seriously, you can handle henna once a week. that is determination…so it no mundane matters:) serious matters!. here to your long shiny tresses!!

Always short, very short( and didnt go to a salon to do it either, Amma cut it for us girls), I have had it a little longer, twice I grew it long, for my wedding, and when I had my daughter, gave it away to locks of love then – and for the third time in my life I am growing it again to give it away to locks of love, and to hide my big fat face πŸ™‚

Caught the poll, I love it no matter how you present it, I dont have to say that – do whatever is comfortable…i will keep coming. πŸ™‚

Amma for stylist!. my first salon visit was after I started working, when my sis took for for first step cut. it is very thoughtful of you to give to locks of love. I was pointing that to anamika. hey, did not know long hair can make us look thin faced:)lol
you better visit here, no matter what..:) bheeshani aanu

I used to have long hair in school. Thanks to my friend who took me to a salon and I experimented with cutting it just before joining Engg. Since then it has gone too short by accident sometimes and medium sometimes. Now it is long and I am planning to cut it.

what was the reaction at home for the first chopping? if it is long now, you might want to donate to ‘locks of love’ to amke wigs for sick kids, when you cut. UL can give you more info.

Medium length I guess πŸ™‚ Have been pretty much around that, plus or minus a few inches…

Like UL, as a kid, my Aunt used to cut it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
nice to know. my first visit to a salon was after I started working, when my sister took me for my first step cut(as mentioned in the post), before than all home grown stylists.

added my responses

Will pass on your wishes πŸ™‚ (my b-i-l;) back home)
and thank you for your lovely comments:)


Love love long flowing thick black hair. My hair was at its best after Atul was born, thanks to all the pre-natal vitamins I took. Now I could say that it’s medium length. I resist experimenting with my hair style.

I can appreciate long flowing thick black hair..not on me anymore..on someone else. It is such high maintenance !.do you tie it or let loose on normal working days?

Hi Shy, I’m Laksh’s friend she mentioned in the email. I have also sent you a mail.

I can relate to this post so well because, I too used to have long/thick hair. Courtesy; my loving grandmother. She used to take care of it so much, preparing specail oils, special shikakai powder with all herbs and stuff. The importance of which I didn’t realize then. I would always think of using shampoo, cut my hair a little, do some styling, but everything was prohibited. Fast forward 2003, came to US after marriage, I did what I wanted to do and now just after 5 years and a child my hair is in such bad state. Already started greying! Wish I had followed my grandmother’s routine!
Hey madhu, welcome here. That’s why the mane matters are not mundane actually. greying..haha I cover my exposed wisdom…courtesy l’oreal hair colors.

added responses

I always braid my hair. I don’t like it when I let it loose or tie a pony tail – it’s too distracting for me. May be one day, I will try something different.
when thought of letting loose, me too thought it distracts me. but, it did not. so u braid to work too. I would love to normal reactions you get, because it is not quite a normal hair style work ppl at work ‘ are used to see’ at work. will you tell me?

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