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Yes, it was my pirannal on Saturday as the (my) world knows now. Thanks for all the wishes girls.


Periya TA DA: surprise!. I just could not believe my eyes when I answered the door Saturday late afternoon. It took me few seconds to open the door. How can my friend UL, who told me on Friday that her family was going to Washington DC, be standing at my door. Few minutes later when the reality sunk in, I realize how messy my house is to invite them in. But nothing else matters, I thought to myself, when we can have their company even for few minutes. I was told that my hubby, to my pleasant surprise ( and thank you), was part of making it a big TA DA moment.  There was no birthday delicacies to give them, chalo chai  aur namkeen chalega. We had a blast; kids had fun, the big boys were enjoying the company too. Before we even got started on the tons of things to share, it was time for them to go. I can’t be thankful enough my friend , for your thoughtfulness.


Princess (Meera, UL’s daughter) : The last time I saw her was when she was a tiny baby, in 2006 spring. 3 + years later, she is just the same cutie pie. Adorable! oh, look at that necklace.


Prasadam: When UL told me she will be going to a temple in Washington DC (supposedly) I asked her to do an Archana for me in my star. Though not in Washington DC but here in Canada she went to the temple, did the archana for me ( my family) and brought me the prasadam.( After leaving Engg college days, it was the first time I had prasadam from Archana). Thank you again.



Payasam: that wasn’t me who made it, no wasn’t for pirannal either. Knowing my undying love for payasam (and shameless requests at every opportunity I get or make), she also brought me frozen payasam, from her Vishu celebration last week at her place. I hesitantly give 1 spoon to hubby, rest I savored to the last bit and more.


In the whole excitement, we forgot to take pics (thank God, I remembered to breathe!! hahha)


Was a coincidence or meant to be?. Friday night ( the early minutes of Saturday) I was talking to mommy on phone. She gave me her whole hearted blessings and prayers. She also arranged a flower bouquet from her garden, pretended she gave it to me and then kept it near Jesus’s pic ( this was a custom in our home growing up). During our hour long conversation, I also told her that UL will be visiting temple on my b’day. She was happy to hear about UL and family again.



For once I can’t wait for my next Birthday or 2 birthdays in a year, if that is going to this eventful and surprising.


I took my son to his doctor this morning to check on yet another cold and blocked nose. Hubby agreed to drop the little one to the babysitter.


It has become a habit that whenever we come down to pharmacy after doctor’s, kids pick up lollipops (while I pick up the medicine). No change today, he picked up his and I paid 25 cents. Then I noticed this. He opened the wrap, bit it and made it into 2 pcs, kept one pc (with the stick back into cover) and other piece into his mouth. On our way back to the car, I asked him what is in his clenched fist?. “He said it is the lollipop for my sister because she did not get one today. she likes it and I want to give her this to make her happy”.


My eyes welled up and I told him I am very proud of him and his thoughtfulness.

I see them caring for each other more often now. Noticed many times- occasional hugs and kisses exchanged out of the blue, little one telling my son ‘careful C careful, slowly’ when he climbs the steps (like we tell her); sharing food/sometimes feeding each other; son adorning her hair with hair bands and clips (recently he asked whether he can paint her nails to make her beautiful..well that have to wait)….it is worth a watch.

They fight too, fierce fights..I leave that for now.


Happy Vishu

Posted on: April 13, 2009

 Vishu is harvest festival celebrated in Kerala primarily by Hindus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vishu

I have memories of Vishu associated with Engineering College hostel life. Like we had joint prayer every evening (where we sung Christians songs and hindu bhajans) we celebrated most festivals and Vishu was no exception. Vishu day starts with Vishukani,’the first thing you see as you open your eyes for the day’. Traditionally Krishna’s pic or statue is in the Vishu Kani, but we would put Jesus’s pic too. Pretty much all of went to the temple that evening. Hostel mess served payasam for lunch (no sadya though).

Life was good. We never differentiated ourselves as Christians or Hindus.

I don’t celebrate now, just sharing memories. Now, I so want to eat a sadya on banana leaves..so crave for a genuine payasam..I have to wait for a visit to UL’s for all these…


I did not know you,up until few years back.

The coming days of the week Holy Thursday, Good Friday leading up to Easter Sunday are the holiest of the holy days for Christians. Easter Sunday culminates the 40days of lent (preparation for Easter by praying, fasting and doing good deeds).

While growing up, we tried to go to church all forty days as early as 6.30am, walk back home 2kms and then go to school walking another 2-5 kms depending on elementary or high school. We did not eat meat or fish during lent. Mommy asked that we keep a log of our good deeds during this time. On Holy Thursday night, all kerala catholic families celebrated a pascal meal where the head of the family (the father) would dip a piece of unleavened bread (made with certain sacred process) in a special milk (made with coconut milk and jaagiri and blessed with the palm we got on Palm Sunday) and give to all family members. The neighbors went to each other’s homes and shared the meal too. This is symbolic of Jesus’ Last supper before he was captured to be crucufied (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Supper_(Leonardo). Most of the Good Friday was spent at church praying and remembering the death of Jesus. Then Saturday night (Sunday early hours) we went to church for Big Easter vigil ( it was fun to prepare torch made of dried coconut tree leaves for the church night trip; not everybody had flash lights and coconut trees were everywhere in kerala villages).

Easter is the core of Christian faith; the resurrection of Jesus more than the birth (Xmas). The timing and message is perfect too.’return to life’ as with plants coming to life after winter; animals/people gets active after dormant winter.

This is the Easter I know, not the hopping easter bunny or the eggs. After leaving kerala village and lived in metro cities of India and other Asian countries, bunny wasn’t there until I came to North America. The bunny is hopping more now, now that my son has to take gifts for his JK mates in school / get some too (and needless to say most gifts are bunny/ eggs related).

We try to do most of things for the holy week (this week), prepare pascal appam (unleavened bread) and milk; go to church, eat only one meal on good Friday and go for night Easter vigil (minus the coconut tree leaves torch of course).

I have learnt about lot of festivals / celebrations from many of regulars here. Thanks much and thought of sharing my festivities too (and memories) if anyone interested..

May the peace and joy of Easter be with each one of you and your families!. God bless and Happy Easter.

Many a times I tried to visualize how my son will be when he gets to my age; how will be my little girl?

Mommy and I talk a lot about growing up, retiring, physical changes in life, hormone changes, married life, bringing up kids, letting the kids go when they are old etc etc. In one of those conversations, it just occurred to me that I gave birth to my son at the same age when mommy gave birth to me. Meaning when I will be at her age, my son will be at my age then.( the age difference between me and mommy is the same as me and my son). For my little girl ,  the same age difference between mommy and my younger sister).

I was overjoyed at that thought. I am sure I will live long enough to see my kids pass my current age and more. Yes I do.

You think I am silly and gone crazy??.


It’s been a while I visited my blog space. No one missed me right? ( say yes please:). Back with little some things to share.

A coworker from facilities department, on her usual rounds on Tuesday early morning, noticed a picture on my office desk ( mommy’s girls- mommy and we 3 daughters). Some time back I printed it on a normal sheet hoping to one day put in a frame. Noticing that the picture is getting bend and folded, she took it away from there. I came in my usual 8.30-8.45. This Tuesday being the Q1 end day, there was not even time to breathe and started work right away. Around 2pm I was at the café warming up my soup lunch, she came upto me with an office folder and said that she needed to talk to me urgently. That is unusual, she took me straight to a nearby meeting room. She opened up the folder and gave me the picture. 1) now it is laminated 2) till then I did not know it was missing. I was so touched; my eyes welled up. She said that she did not want that pic to be spoiled knowing that how much it means to me. Many of you know I love my work. It is the industry segment we are in, it is the technology that makes difference in people’s life; moreover it is the people like her gives that place a whole new experience. Thanks my friend.

 My little girl(2+) is getting oh so independent now. Lately we hear these often ‘Leave me (a)lone”. “I can do it”.  “Want to do it all by myself’


Spring came here too, so far so good…..Election fever is on in India (same old tactics; anyway who am I to judge. I am a coward, got so fed up of all that so got myself planted in a different country)..Slumdog is on DVD now (legal ones).. Freida Pinto aka Latika is doing a Israeli film..Rubina Ali, the little Latika from real bombay slum recently shot for an a commercial with Nicole Kidman also walked the ramp for leading designer duo in India fashion week..

So  goes the weasel …I mean little some things

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