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Little something..sweet little nothings..

Posted on: April 1, 2009


It’s been a while I visited my blog space. No one missed me right? ( say yes please:). Back with little some things to share.

A coworker from facilities department, on her usual rounds on Tuesday early morning, noticed a picture on my office desk ( mommy’s girls- mommy and we 3 daughters). Some time back I printed it on a normal sheet hoping to one day put in a frame. Noticing that the picture is getting bend and folded, she took it away from there. I came in my usual 8.30-8.45. This Tuesday being the Q1 end day, there was not even time to breathe and started work right away. Around 2pm I was at the café warming up my soup lunch, she came upto me with an office folder and said that she needed to talk to me urgently. That is unusual, she took me straight to a nearby meeting room. She opened up the folder and gave me the picture. 1) now it is laminated 2) till then I did not know it was missing. I was so touched; my eyes welled up. She said that she did not want that pic to be spoiled knowing that how much it means to me. Many of you know I love my work. It is the industry segment we are in, it is the technology that makes difference in people’s life; moreover it is the people like her gives that place a whole new experience. Thanks my friend.

 My little girl(2+) is getting oh so independent now. Lately we hear these often ‘Leave me (a)lone”. “I can do it”.  “Want to do it all by myself’


Spring came here too, so far so good…..Election fever is on in India (same old tactics; anyway who am I to judge. I am a coward, got so fed up of all that so got myself planted in a different country)..Slumdog is on DVD now (legal ones).. Freida Pinto aka Latika is doing a Israeli film..Rubina Ali, the little Latika from real bombay slum recently shot for an a commercial with Nicole Kidman also walked the ramp for leading designer duo in India fashion week..

So  goes the weasel …I mean little some things


3 Responses to "Little something..sweet little nothings.."

I would like to see that picture….send a copy to me, will you? Good to see you here and reaf the little nothings in your life…hope you are feeling tonnes better girl…

I am better; not completely normal.will send u pic.I warned suman already.thanks girly

Of course, you have been missed Mia. Nice to see you back with posts. Incredibly sweet of your friend. Share that picture with me as well, ok? Hugs to your little one.

Thank you suman, feel so loved. What touched me even more is, she does not know me that much, i mean in a friend’s level. will send the pic (warning, don’t expect a pic like hema malini and her girls..hahha).hugs back to you from little one; hopefully one day she will meet you.

Hello. Your little girl is growing up! So sweet 🙂
Oh sp, tell me about it.somedays, she wants to decide what she wants to wear.
all ready and packaed for the trip?have great one!

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