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Easter bunny who?

Posted on: April 7, 2009

I did not know you,up until few years back.

The coming days of the week Holy Thursday, Good Friday leading up to Easter Sunday are the holiest of the holy days for Christians. Easter Sunday culminates the 40days of lent (preparation for Easter by praying, fasting and doing good deeds).

While growing up, we tried to go to church all forty days as early as 6.30am, walk back home 2kms and then go to school walking another 2-5 kms depending on elementary or high school. We did not eat meat or fish during lent. Mommy asked that we keep a log of our good deeds during this time. On Holy Thursday night, all kerala catholic families celebrated a pascal meal where the head of the family (the father) would dip a piece of unleavened bread (made with certain sacred process) in a special milk (made with coconut milk and jaagiri and blessed with the palm we got on Palm Sunday) and give to all family members. The neighbors went to each other’s homes and shared the meal too. This is symbolic of Jesus’ Last supper before he was captured to be crucufied (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Supper_(Leonardo). Most of the Good Friday was spent at church praying and remembering the death of Jesus. Then Saturday night (Sunday early hours) we went to church for Big Easter vigil ( it was fun to prepare torch made of dried coconut tree leaves for the church night trip; not everybody had flash lights and coconut trees were everywhere in kerala villages).

Easter is the core of Christian faith; the resurrection of Jesus more than the birth (Xmas). The timing and message is perfect too.’return to life’ as with plants coming to life after winter; animals/people gets active after dormant winter.

This is the Easter I know, not the hopping easter bunny or the eggs. After leaving kerala village and lived in metro cities of India and other Asian countries, bunny wasn’t there until I came to North America. The bunny is hopping more now, now that my son has to take gifts for his JK mates in school / get some too (and needless to say most gifts are bunny/ eggs related).

We try to do most of things for the holy week (this week), prepare pascal appam (unleavened bread) and milk; go to church, eat only one meal on good Friday and go for night Easter vigil (minus the coconut tree leaves torch of course).

I have learnt about lot of festivals / celebrations from many of regulars here. Thanks much and thought of sharing my festivities too (and memories) if anyone interested..

May the peace and joy of Easter be with each one of you and your families!. God bless and Happy Easter.


9 Responses to "Easter bunny who?"

Wow! learnt a whole lot of new things. It was great to know the significance of easter. That’s what I thought, Easter was not associated with Bunnies and Eggs back home. Now I wonder, why bunnies and eggs?

Eggs and Bunnies are related to spring/life/fertility as madhu mentioned too. Infact, Easter always come in spring i.e. it is not a date. but falls on the first sunday after the first full moon day after march 21. (March 21 is the vernal equinox). It practice predates to Jewish time ( and calendar too). that ‘s why Jewish passover is also almost in the same time. I think Vishu, tamil new year, vaishakhi etc etc follows moon phases. I think there is an Eid also falls aorund this time.

I also can’t understand the significance of bunny and eggs.I am guessing they just want it as fun for the kids.Wish you a happy easter
we have nothing against kids having fun, do we? hop bunny hop!
thanks for the wishes!

Loved this piece and learnt a lot as well, keep bringing on your traditions, I will learn more in the processs and maybe some day get to join your family for Easter/Xmas

lovely, I will wait for that Easter/Xmas dear.

As I studied in a christian (convent) school till my VII grade, I was aware of a lot of christian festivals. But as you said, Easter eggs and bunnies are not things that I had heard of before coming to the Western World. As UL said, it is nice to get an insight into your traditions – keep writing 🙂

thats is interesting to know akay. Me too studied in convent school. we had hindus and muslims ( other prominent religions in kerela) in the school. we learnt so much from each other. one of my classmates used to wear head cover. A brahmin girl used to bring such delicious veggie dishes for lunch (she used share some of her green leaf dishes with me, becuase she knew I love them).

May the peace and joy of Easter be with you and all at home!

Happy Easter.

thanks JS, Peace to you too

The bunny if I have read right is more about Spring than about Easter! 🙂 Fun for the kids.
Happy Easter to you and your family Shy!!
When kids have fun, we get a break..so never mind bunny and eggs.
blessings to you and A apar

Happy Easter Shy to you and your family. Very interesting background on Easter. Though I knew the significance of Easter, it was nice reading about the traditions behind it. Thanks for sharing!

thanks laksh. The learning is mutual Laksh; i have learnt lot from yours and all other regulars’ blogs. for that,thank you too,

I knew Easter bunny tradition originated in Germany but was not sure. Thanks to this post I searched it in wikipedia and here is the link

Like Apar has mentioned it’s more about Spring than Easter. Eggs, rabbits and hares are considered as symbols of fertility. Since birds lay eggs and rabbits reproduce in early spring its symbolical.
Thanks madhu. Actually Easter always falls in spring..may it is the spring connection with eggs and bunnies

my responses added- sorry it longer than usual

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