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Happy Vishu

Posted on: April 13, 2009

 Vishu is harvest festival celebrated in Kerala primarily by Hindus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vishu

I have memories of Vishu associated with Engineering College hostel life. Like we had joint prayer every evening (where we sung Christians songs and hindu bhajans) we celebrated most festivals and Vishu was no exception. Vishu day starts with Vishukani,’the first thing you see as you open your eyes for the day’. Traditionally Krishna’s pic or statue is in the Vishu Kani, but we would put Jesus’s pic too. Pretty much all of went to the temple that evening. Hostel mess served payasam for lunch (no sadya though).

Life was good. We never differentiated ourselves as Christians or Hindus.

I don’t celebrate now, just sharing memories. Now, I so want to eat a sadya on banana leaves..so crave for a genuine payasam..I have to wait for a visit to UL’s for all these…



5 Responses to "Happy Vishu"

Hello Shy,
Wish you a happy vishu.Just finished arranging the Vishu Kani.I don’t think i will be able to prepare sadhya as i have work tomorrow,but thinking making atleast one keralite dish in the evening
How did the Vishu celebration go anila? if not sadhya, i will settle for one kerala dish :)..that’s shameless me:(

Happy Vishu to you too!!:)
JS; thanks, hope you had a good one!

Belated wishes on Easter and Vishu to you too
thanks. Hope you had a wonderful start of the year on Vishu

my responses added- sorry it look a while

yes – let’s do it -visit soon 🙂 I havent written about Vishu…am glad you did…miss blogging so much…but seems like life has other plans for me daily… love UL
some how I totally like the ‘other plans for you daily ..if not all, the saturday’s plan was great indeed( give me a better word than great;excellente like Dora..

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