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Simple (kiddy) gestures..and proud mama

Posted on: April 22, 2009

I took my son to his doctor this morning to check on yet another cold and blocked nose. Hubby agreed to drop the little one to the babysitter.


It has become a habit that whenever we come down to pharmacy after doctor’s, kids pick up lollipops (while I pick up the medicine). No change today, he picked up his and I paid 25 cents. Then I noticed this. He opened the wrap, bit it and made it into 2 pcs, kept one pc (with the stick back into cover) and other piece into his mouth. On our way back to the car, I asked him what is in his clenched fist?. “He said it is the lollipop for my sister because she did not get one today. she likes it and I want to give her this to make her happy”.


My eyes welled up and I told him I am very proud of him and his thoughtfulness.

I see them caring for each other more often now. Noticed many times- occasional hugs and kisses exchanged out of the blue, little one telling my son ‘careful C careful, slowly’ when he climbs the steps (like we tell her); sharing food/sometimes feeding each other; son adorning her hair with hair bands and clips (recently he asked whether he can paint her nails to make her beautiful..well that have to wait)….it is worth a watch.

They fight too, fierce fights..I leave that for now.



7 Responses to "Simple (kiddy) gestures..and proud mama"

That’s so lovely of your son.

I heard from his JK teacher too that he is a very thogutful kid.
Thanks Anila for your kind words for him.

Beautiful, girl, beautiful, I am so proud of your little one…they teach us lots, dont they? hope his cold is better?
You can make a better judgement about him now, than april 23….

Wishing you a very happy birthday, hope to talk to you soon, have a w onderful day dear girl – lots of love,

don’t make me cry again, you haven’t slept at all. thank you dear

Happy Birthday!!! have a lovely, lovely day!

Thank you thank you Laksh.Haven’t had such great birthday in long time.

happy birthday, dearest Shy!:):)
Have a great day!

Thank you JS. I haven’t had such pucblic Birthday in long long time.thank you again

Damn I missed wishing yet another person on her birthday!!!
Happy belated birthday!!

This post just reminded me of what I used to do as a sis. Get the chocolates we got for birthdays in shcool home to share with my brother 🙂

We fight like hell…even now. So let the fights pass 😀
thanks you apar. Don’t worry about being late, I cna take the wishes through out the year!
oh, childhood!

Awww..! that is so sweet of your little boy. I got a glimpse of Atul being a big brother when a friend visited with her infant. There is nothing more adorable than seeing two siblings caring for each other. Hug him for me.

I did hug him, thanks. having 2 at home helps. I am equally enjoying their fights,negotiations, making deals between them, learning to tak turns etc etc

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