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Of Piranda naal ( piranaal), periya TA DA , princess, prasadam and payasam

Posted on: April 28, 2009

Yes, it was my pirannal on Saturday as the (my) world knows now. Thanks for all the wishes girls.


Periya TA DA: surprise!. I just could not believe my eyes when I answered the door Saturday late afternoon. It took me few seconds to open the door. How can my friend UL, who told me on Friday that her family was going to Washington DC, be standing at my door. Few minutes later when the reality sunk in, I realize how messy my house is to invite them in. But nothing else matters, I thought to myself, when we can have their company even for few minutes. I was told that my hubby, to my pleasant surprise ( and thank you), was part of making it a big TA DA moment.  There was no birthday delicacies to give them, chalo chai  aur namkeen chalega. We had a blast; kids had fun, the big boys were enjoying the company too. Before we even got started on the tons of things to share, it was time for them to go. I can’t be thankful enough my friend , for your thoughtfulness.


Princess (Meera, UL’s daughter) : The last time I saw her was when she was a tiny baby, in 2006 spring. 3 + years later, she is just the same cutie pie. Adorable! oh, look at that necklace.


Prasadam: When UL told me she will be going to a temple in Washington DC (supposedly) I asked her to do an Archana for me in my star. Though not in Washington DC but here in Canada she went to the temple, did the archana for me ( my family) and brought me the prasadam.( After leaving Engg college days, it was the first time I had prasadam from Archana). Thank you again.



Payasam: that wasn’t me who made it, no wasn’t for pirannal either. Knowing my undying love for payasam (and shameless requests at every opportunity I get or make), she also brought me frozen payasam, from her Vishu celebration last week at her place. I hesitantly give 1 spoon to hubby, rest I savored to the last bit and more.


In the whole excitement, we forgot to take pics (thank God, I remembered to breathe!! hahha)


Was a coincidence or meant to be?. Friday night ( the early minutes of Saturday) I was talking to mommy on phone. She gave me her whole hearted blessings and prayers. She also arranged a flower bouquet from her garden, pretended she gave it to me and then kept it near Jesus’s pic ( this was a custom in our home growing up). During our hour long conversation, I also told her that UL will be visiting temple on my b’day. She was happy to hear about UL and family again.



For once I can’t wait for my next Birthday or 2 birthdays in a year, if that is going to this eventful and surprising.


8 Responses to "Of Piranda naal ( piranaal), periya TA DA , princess, prasadam and payasam"

Wishin you a Happy B’day Agian.That’s really nice of UL to surprise.Good to know that you all had a great time
thank you..oh was that a surprise!

We knew it a week before when we all met at UL’s! HAHAHA! Imagine a villain chiri from me! Glad to hear u were surprised and had a blast. Belated birthday wishes!!
really you guys knew it adn could keep it from me? that chiri really sounds like of a villain..thank you.hope you are doing well

Was fun reading your account of being surprised. 🙂 Glad to know you had a great day.

thanks Laksh..it was fun

oh my goodness Shy – thank you for all the compliments, I am so glad I didn’t blow it in the last minute/esp. since I came so close to doing it… 🙂 Thanks to your hubby 🙂 All the planning was well worth seeing you/your face…I am so glad I finally got to meet you – even for a little while and I enjoyed meeting your children – very adorable – I really wish I had taken pictures of the kids together….Meera remembers Cathy’s name – yesterday she asked me “Amma, what’s the little boy’s name?” – they didn’t get long enough to get aquainted, my fault, I know it was a very short visit, definitely a little more next time…or maybe when you visit us ??? 🙂

all I can say is a big thank you and a big Hug for doing this. I feel so truly blessed to have so much love around. It was lot of fun, though for short time. yes it is my turn to visit you..i have been longing for it for long long time..working on it girl. then kids will get to play too. My son can’t wait for summer to come so he can wear the shorts and tshirt you gave him( because I told him he has to wait for summer).thanks dearie for making so special.Must thank Manu for making that extra effort to feel comfortable at our place; both hubby and I felt happy about that.God bless you and your family.

Belated bday wishes! That must have been fun – surprises are 🙂
they indeed are A-kay. thanks for the wishes

that was a lovely account 🙂
That must have been an awesome surprise!

Glad to see you had a great B’day!:)

And, way to go UL:) nice bday gift for shy 🙂

Yes, way to go UL:). she did it JS. Thanks for the wishes, I had a wonderful time.

Good that you had a nice surprise!!
Way to go UL! 😀
Indeed was quite a surprise..or two

I was waiting to read this post the second UL told me of the visit. Glad it materialized and all of you had such a wonderful time. Here’s to wishing you many more such surprises.
” you too Suman”. it was fun indeed. thanks for the wishes too

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