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Happy Mother’s day

Posted on: May 8, 2009

To all mothers, mothers to be and ones with motherly instincts. God bless you all.

Leave you with this Mallu song, especially I like the very last lines which means something like ‘whichever part of the world you are in, whatever be the times are like always remember the sweetness of your mother’s milk (or basically remember where you came from)

Would like to hear about your celebration/surprises/presents here?


2 Responses to "Happy Mother’s day"

Shy- you choose so well, I love this song…and how appropriate…nothing special, mom made Unniappam, husband got pizza so my mom can take a break from cooking dinner…I had a good cry, fought and cried -my fault I was in the mood for a fight….little tiffs with the whole family – leaving out Achan, he decided to stay away…that’s my mother’s day

I love that song too, and you already know that I like Shobhana. Oh don’t cry. cry only in happiness. I guess I know what you mean. Like yesterday, I was just thinking to myself that life is good and no time I got super upset with hubby about a silly comment he made about my professional stuff. I don’t cry though, I withdraw..may be crying is better!
anyways, I want to tell you that you are a super cool, model mom and I am learning so much from you. thank you. Now I like to have some of those unniyappams..you knew it is coming right?

I know you caught up with my Mother’s Day post Mia. Like you, I do look forward to these special occasions.

I see UL’s comment and your response to it. You girls are far better. I withdraw, I get irrational, and I overreact when I am upset. Poor husband and kiddie, they have to bear the brunt to my mood swings.

Oh Suman, I no where closed o be called better.

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