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flip side..not so good.

Posted on: May 12, 2009

You all know that simple things make me so excited and I live for them. And almost all of you said it is a good trait, that is what life is all about and I should not change.

But the flip side is, simple things make me upset too. Like a silly, insensitive comment from a loved one. This mostly happens at a time I am thinking to myself life is good and I have a spring on my feet.

 Should I console myself saying it’s nature’s way of bringing me down to ground..I don’t know, had to vent it out somewhere. And you guys have been very kind (and more) to me , so I know this is the place to do that.

 I am kind of so unsure of myself. It feels like I have double personality, because I am not so touchy feely jumpy at work.


4 Responses to "flip side..not so good."

Hugs! Isn’t it because it is from a loved one that you feel so hurt? Gently let them know it upsets you. The bounce will be back in your step before the day is done. Cheer up Mia!

Indeed Laksh, if it is somebody in the street I could care less. Oneday I want to master the art of ‘gently let them know it upsets you’….the road seems quite long for that, it seems. thanks laksh

Let the feeling pass for now and focus your attention on something else dear Mia. When things cool down, you can address it. You have described the comment as silly and insensitive. Once things settle down if you still feel the comment is silly, then may be it’s an opportunity for you to correct your reaction to such comments in the future. But if you still think the comment is insensitive, you have to let the other person know that the comment was hurtful.

Different situations bring the different side in us Mia, so don’t break your head on the “double personality”. If it makes you feel any better, I have multiple personalities 🙂

thanks for the hugs and the comments pouring down all my posts. ok, multiple personality?? make me feel better as to it is not dual,it is multiple( silly attempt at homor eh!)

you wont be human if you don’t feel sadness when a loved one makes a comment that is hurtful, it may be silly and insensitive, but the feelings you feel are completely normal….if you can give yourself time before you react(unlike me who blows up and regrets later), then you have learnt something precious…because when you settle your mind, and control your feelings, you might see the comment for what it is worth and wouldn’t take it so personally…same thing the girls above has stated, I just said it all over again…now smile like your little girl and all will be well….love lots, UL
that’s what I want to do, blow up right there and finish it off, unlike the current sulking practice. I remember reading a blog about how she does not get appropriate word in her mouth when needed in an upset tiff scenario and 2 mts later every right word appear from nowhere..by the time, it is too late. I am like that.feeling better!

Well I have been told many a times that when there is a down, there definitely will be an up! Guess the reverse is true too!!
One can’t be always happy (well, we all wish to be but…)
One thing we all can be sure of – the support and love of our family & friends.
If at all you have learnt how to control how you feel, please do share that secret! Cos I have multiple personalities and should know how I control all 😉
Love & hugs!! Take care…
ah! the reverse Apar!. I am quite a miserable mess to know to control How ones feel.your request is accepted, but I don’t see the secret coming to me (thus to you) anytime soon.

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