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Posted on: May 12, 2009


 Office Depot Brand Size It Ballpoint

My son was up early today because it is his Special Helper (SH) day at school. He gets to do the calendar (mark the day and date), do show and tell (of an item he brought from home) and sit on the special chair to assist the teacher. He is very excited about this once in a month opportunity and even picks the clothes to wear for the special day.

 To the Refills: Because of the early start we were ahead of our morning schedule by 10mts. I finished changing son and was changing my little girl. That is when I noticed that my son opened a ball point pen, took out the refill and trying to put it back. And I realized that I haven’t seen/bought a refill in ages.

Memories came flooding to me and I started telling my son that ‘it is called a refill. When the pen does not write anymore, we can buy a refill and change it and the pen will write again’. In this age of use and throw, he has not seen anyone doing that. So I started telling the story “when mama was a child and was growing up (to which he jump in and asked, ‘you did not have a pen?’. Not his fault because lot of things we talk about I tell him that I did not have it) we used to buy the refills for 15-20 paisa and replace them instead of throwing away the pen. we used to get in any corner shop”.

 Wonder, any of you buy these refills now? Will that be more environment friendly?do we even get them in office supplies section for the normal pens?


5 Responses to "Refills"

Came here to comment on some of your older post and was thrilled to see this one. Brought back tons of pen related memories – the hero pen, filling ink with a ink filler, trying different varieties of reynolds (used to love the bold one) and looking forward to getting new pencil box (the magnetic one being the one that I would eye for) etc. etc. Sadly, I don’t write enough these days to require a refill 😦

Thanks for all your comments today.You might have noticed too, most baby medicnes come with a dropper. Everytime I used to see it, the good old ink filler came to my mind

Please don’t mind the typos, typing in a hurry.
You always beat me with words and profound thoughts in your blog and in your comments..but can’t with the typos..I am the original unbeatable typo girl!!..so never mind. important thing is we communicated what we wanted to..and I got it

coincidence or what – Meera discovered refills just the other day – you are so much more patient than I when it comes to telling him tales – now he will always associate refills and your tale—lovely. I h ave no clue if we can find refills any more…some things die with the times, dont they? Or it must be places…i am sure we could still find them back home…

been quite a few coincidenses lately girl. not so sure about easy availability in india.

Refills…. Ah! As Suman said, changing refills or refilling ink in pens and of course, 045 Reynolds – brought back all those memories. Reminded me of this green color Hero pen that was my favorite and lucky charm, which guarded it with my life till my XII. I have never seen a refill in a long long time, am sure it is still available in India – around here, I have never seen one.
Ink pens, ink stains on white uniform shirt. people with Hero pen were kids from Rich family. I sometime owned a hands down hero pen. like i said, not sure in india. as for here, should check some office supplies website in products.

I think they are still around here in India though I wonder how many use them!
I was even wondering how many of us actually write!! Nice post 🙂 as usual
I doubt it is that common now in india. Actually I do write with a penalmost everyday. At work I keep my notebook and write on it .thanks apar!

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