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Dog’s year..continues

Posted on: May 21, 2009

The slum dog- the Oscar winning movie

 The underdog presidential candidate – Obama, The president

 Yet another underdog – Kris Allen, 2009 American idol.

 American Idol is the only TV show we used to watch. The other finalist, Adam Lambert, was almost declared the winner even by the judges (including Simon Cowell) in many occasions in the show previously and in the media. I thought so too. Adam was my son’s favorite. But as Ryan Seacrest was opening the result envelope, to my surprise my son said it is Kris. I clearly did not expect it, although I think they both are great singers and performers.

Noticed and disappointed that only Simon did not give Kris a standing ovation. C,mon, Kris is the idol and both are winners.

 Ofcourse my son was happy for Kris.

Under dog’s year continues…


1 Response to "Dog’s year..continues"

Yes I heard it all over the news…though I didn’t follow the idol this season…I also heard an interesting note on the side through the media – apparently the organizers of the show literally chooses the winners but this time round the world beat them… indeed another SDM, also that one unexpected turn was Adam and Kris became such great friends…

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