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Happy Anniversary

Posted on: June 9, 2009


Happy Anniversary UL and Manu

Happy Anniversary Laksh and K

 I have known UL and Manu for sometime. I look up to them, learn from them and their life is like the fairy tale of family life to me. These songs are for you.

and this one

As for Laksh and K, known them only through her blogs. One thing I can sure say is they are in love head over heels. This one is for you.

Hope you like them.

Have a wonderful day. God bless both your families with HIS choicest blessings.


8 Responses to "Happy Anniversary"

Shy – you made my day!!! Love you. I love this song!!!

Happy Anniversary to UL and Manu too!

Love back to you laksh. hope you had a great day. And I am sure you are going to come back here and tell us how you celebrated:) I will make it a guest post!!
I was thinking of calling you but had no number. When I called the other couple, they were reliving the honeymoon riding to temple and hesitantly only took my call :). then I did not dare to ask them your number 😦 .(shhh..if I don’t tease them bit today when do I get to do that right:) ). anyways my wishes are with you both.
I swifted through many songs to get to this. From what I know of you both K is quite like Karthik in this song where as you are the vibrant lover. I know the story line and context of this song is bit different but I am talking about Ninnukori song in absolute. what say Laksh?

Happy Anniversary to Laksh and UL. It’s very special that you share the same anniversary dates. Were you married in the same year? I know Laksh and I share the same year.

Mia, this post was very very sweet of you..! will watch the videos from home.

Suman, if my guess is correct while you were enjoying the ‘just married bliss’ UL and Laksh were getting ready for the big day. all happened in the same year. At that time, I had no idea whom I am getting married or when; although 7 months later I took my vows too.
hope you enjoyed the song

That is very sweet 🙂 Happy Anniverary Laksh and UL!

The least I could do for the two wonderful couple

Hi Shy,
Really nice of you to do the post.Wishing both the couple happy anniversary again.BTw what is your anniversary date
it has to be an email anila. how you have been?

Thank you, thank you Shy! I am definitely not sure how best to thank you for all the little surprises you left me….you are such a sweetheart, all these blogs together will make up for some wonderful tales for our future generations, thank you thank you, my dear friend…these songs, Manu & I listened together…we both love them, we listen to them often esp. Ambala puzhai unni kannan, you always chose well, you know us so well….it is so nice to have you in our lives, thank you dear girl!
glad you liked them. you guys are such blessings in my life.

Just catching up on all the comments -Shy, did we really sound like honeymoooning couple? We were in the car with Meera and in-laws :)…you can tease all you want, I will surely mail you Laksh’s contact… 🙂

Suman – Shy is right, we are all in the same year…we seem to be all in the same boat…
when do you guys sound NOT like honeymooners?. keep it like that.
yes, you guys are in the same year and I am in early next year, so just 6 months apart. but our boats are not the same:)) hihi

Just stopping by to say a hello… been a while; was tied up…

so, slowly catching up! 🙂
hello and thank you JS.see today I am catching with my responses..that too after a month..i was lazy

To add to the list – from what I gather, one more celebrating 8 years – though earlier in the year 🙂

no, 6 months later, in jan 2010

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