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I don’t read bed time stories to my kids. Our reading is done much before sleep time. For bed time, Mamma gets creative, stories are made on the go and I tell them those as bed time stories instead of reading. That includes ‘Lion wanting to learn all the cool trick s of  Kung Fu from Kung Fu Panda in 5 mts; a tired kid elephant going to the grocery store to buy bananas and going to mama when he learnt the store ran out of it; a disobedient Rooster boy who did not sleep on time and could not wake up next day morning on time to do his cock – a –doodle –do and the impact of it that whole village runs late that day for everything.’

 The other night, one wanted a spiderman story and other wanted Dora &Boots. But Mamma only tells one story a night. That is when son suggested how about a story connecting Dora, Boots and Spiderman. Well, mama does not give up easily and so do the kids. The story was a hit.

 No, you don’t want to hear it..I am not telling anyway.


Report Card

Posted on: July 22, 2009

Some time back in Feb, I mentioned here about few things I want to learn in life. And guess what, I can now swim 5-6 mtrs.( I know that is not much).

 In spring I joined swimming classes 1 hr/week for 10 weeks. At the end of the session, the instructor recommended me for the next (2nd) level.

 Sharing the news with you regulars.

 I added few more tings to learn: do cart wheel; do a full back bend like an arch apart from ‘dance and bike’

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