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Dora, Boots and Spiderman- all in one

Posted on: July 22, 2009

I don’t read bed time stories to my kids. Our reading is done much before sleep time. For bed time, Mamma gets creative, stories are made on the go and I tell them those as bed time stories instead of reading. That includes ‘Lion wanting to learn all the cool trick s of  Kung Fu from Kung Fu Panda in 5 mts; a tired kid elephant going to the grocery store to buy bananas and going to mama when he learnt the store ran out of it; a disobedient Rooster boy who did not sleep on time and could not wake up next day morning on time to do his cock – a –doodle –do and the impact of it that whole village runs late that day for everything.’

 The other night, one wanted a spiderman story and other wanted Dora &Boots. But Mamma only tells one story a night. That is when son suggested how about a story connecting Dora, Boots and Spiderman. Well, mama does not give up easily and so do the kids. The story was a hit.

 No, you don’t want to hear it..I am not telling anyway.


6 Responses to "Dora, Boots and Spiderman- all in one"

Sounds like a ton of fun Mia. If I were the kids, I would get so addicted to the stories..! I don’t think of myself as a creative person, and Arvind says that’s because I have never put my creativity to test. So may be, just may be, I will give it a shot..! and this is a timely because Atul has been pestering me for a ice cream truck story just after bed time reading.
yeah, Icecream truck story is a good start. go for it, until them you never know. for me it also goes with my liking to -someone telling me story than they read to me- may be the reason I started doing this to kids.
do we get to hear the Icecream truck story?

Same pinch, I do it all the time EXCEPT during bed time though, at bed time it is two or three book stories – when I start making up stories it can go on forever and I dont think I will try that at night when I want her to fall asleep right away. Whenever I want to keep Meera occupied I make up stories off the top of my head – the worst part is when Meera asks me to repeat the same story all over again the next day- then I am in trouble- you would know it is on the fly make up stuff – so with my absenmindednes I am not going to remember it all. But my little girl doesnt forget – I miss even the slightest detail, she corrects me 🙂
I would love to hear them too one day. Personally I like to hear story telling than story reading. My make up stories, I make sure there is an end.And most of them I remember too and ofcurse kids do, like you said. they know many such mamma stories now.

I am sure the all-in-one story was awesome… maybe we would be able to hear it some day!

Great to see you back in action… missed you,

How are things?:)

Those are silly stories and you don’t want to hear JS. Glad to know that I was missed:)..MIA due to lazy me plain lazy me. things are good, hope you are enjoying summer after exams.how did the exam go?
You know JS, poetry goes really way bave head that is why I don’t have comment to leave at your place.when I understand, I leave the comment.

Mia being MIA:) that’s beautiful… you are an awesome writer yourself and I hardly qualify as writing poetry 😉
I am ROFL, me and writer. you are way too kind! thanks for bearing with me here

Exam is done… thankfully – now waiting 😦 Lets see…. keeping fingers, toes and everything crossed! and praying hard…Thank you for asking… 🙂
my wishes and prayers. you will do very well JS. Get ready to make some payasam when the results are out:)

I want to hear the story!!! Please! Pretty please!!

you don’t want to hear those silly stories.
so good to hear from you Apar. hope things are progressing in the right direction. hope to see more action at your blog and frequent visits here.

Wow, that sounds like fun. Hmm, wish I were this creative with the bedtime stories! I am ready to sleep and I try to cut short!
lol….made up bed time stories are easiest of my parenting challenges.

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