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Posted on: July 22, 2009

Some time back in Feb, I mentioned here about few things I want to learn in life. And guess what, I can now swim 5-6 mtrs.( I know that is not much).

 In spring I joined swimming classes 1 hr/week for 10 weeks. At the end of the session, the instructor recommended me for the next (2nd) level.

 Sharing the news with you regulars.

 I added few more tings to learn: do cart wheel; do a full back bend like an arch apart from ‘dance and bike’


7 Responses to "Report Card"

You go girl..! Looking forward to seeing more things checked off this list. I tried my hands on swimming once, but did not get a hang for it. One day, some day, I will try harder.
thanks girly. suman, if you have seen me for the first 3 classes, anyone would tell that was hopeless and beyond. I was scared of water. 4th I took it as do or die and indeed that was the turning point. and being in a group class also helped me..just like our buddy system

That’s great.Learning swimming is also on mycheck list.Don’t know when i will do it.Let all your wishes come true.

Thanks Anila. think of swimming as a life saving skill and go ahead. I am sure you will do way better than me. Thanks for your wishes again
how is little one?

Hey sneaky sneaky 🙂 only kidding – Hurray – excellent, one more item ticked off -Well done, when is the second level? Back bend is the only thing I can do on that list 🙂 the rest would be some day 🙂
I know as much it sounds bad to do things sneaky specially between us, the intend was to give you a surprise. The blog post was not presented the way i wanted – i mean a surprise news than a report card.thanks girl.2nd level I might do it fall, they have not announced the timings yet.
It is kind of in me I guess to tell the result than the whole start up and the journey ( atleast for certain things)- like I told my parents about migrating to canada just 3-4 months before getting Visa; same with my first job aborad( not here) etc; same with getting PEng- no one knew until i told them when got the licnse. Sneakiness really is not the intention..may be it is the fear of failure ( what if I tell everyone adn then I fail to make it).
now isn’t it your turn to swim?I know cartwheel is in your list to( remember the post you did). wow! you can do back bend! go UL go!

Hey – I was only teasing, dear girl – I am just like you and I totally understand. It was such a lovely surprise…and hey there’s really no need for justification between friends, is there? 🙂 Swimming for some reason is not in my list of priorities… some day 🙂 As for backbend, not sure the one I do is what you mean, but if it is hands and feet on the floor – variety like a bent bridge – I think I have it ….though now I am not sure if that’s what you mean…
I knew you were teasing; but I was just telling about one of my traits. Yes, I mean the same back bend girl.jealous me..and a wicked laugh hahha

Thats great news!!:):)
congrats on your great achievements!!!

Way too…
thanks JS. a little something, that’s all

Way to go!! Hope you put a check against the rest and let us know!! 😀
thanks Apar. I am no where close to a comfortable swimmer. planning to take up some more lessons in fall.

Really admire you, Shy for your zest toward learning! Please don’t let it break, keep at it continuously. Fall classes sound liek they are not too far away!
anamika, thanks for your kind words. When one lacks so many basic skills; it is the question of survival, more than zest. enjoy your vacation

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