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high five

Posted on: August 24, 2009

I did not think of it as milestone birthday, but somebody is on high five!

In the park: “mama I know why I can do up to the 4th ring now, because I turned 5 yrs’

Swimming lesson: ‘ see  instructor took us to the deep end of the pool with out life jacket because I also turned 5’

“Mama, can you buy me a cell phone?. I am big now and I want to be like dada”

ummm………not so fast my son. take your time!


Harvest from our backyard! ummm..make aviyal?

When I tell my son ‘You are not listening to me’ my daughter always always tells me  at the same moment ‘mama, I am listening to you’.

 When I tell my son ‘You are cranky and screaming’ she tells me ‘mama I am NOT cranky and screaming’

 This irritates my son like no end. But she won’t give in. I don’t want her to do that; but I have not succeeded on it yet.

 When I tell him “I am very proud of you my son”, she tells with out fail “ Are you proud for me also mama”

 On a recent out of town stay in a hotel, my son was practicing his swimming skills in the pool and really impressed us by swimming few meters without us supporting.  Madam was watching the high fives and the cheering (believe me, all 4 of us were in the pool and was paying enough attention to her and playing with her). She sensed she had to do something special. She dipped her head in the water for few seconds. Yes, we cheered for her, including my son.

Now, whenever I refer to my son as ‘swimmer boy’(to acknowledge his feat) in a made bed time story or lullaby, I have to identify her as ‘the girl who dipped her head in the water’.

 Eager to please me? Seeking attention? Diplomatic ? Healthy sibling rivalry ?

Scene 1: You work for a close knit small-medium Size Company you are very passionate about. You are in a meeting with the sr.mgmt just prior to a customer meeting. You notice that one of the (opposite sex) directors’ ( who is going to attend the customer meeting in few minutes in the next room) shirt collar is not folded properly or notice a dry cleaning tag still on. What will you do? tell him or fix it?

Scene 2: Same company. The newly appointed lady president is making her first town hall address to the employees. The Chairman and few board members are present too. From the front row, you notice that her jacket buttons are off by a hole. What will you do?

 Scene 3: You are visiting family in the city of President Obama ( who you admire). On the contrary to what they think of him, you hear this “ well he is from east side Chicago. He does not care about the country. He won the White House by making ‘race’ as the history making point. History is made, he will enjoy few years and will be done with it. How would you react? It is not told you directly, but in a gathering chit chat.

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