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Eager to please or…

Posted on: August 6, 2009

When I tell my son ‘You are not listening to me’ my daughter always always tells me  at the same moment ‘mama, I am listening to you’.

 When I tell my son ‘You are cranky and screaming’ she tells me ‘mama I am NOT cranky and screaming’

 This irritates my son like no end. But she won’t give in. I don’t want her to do that; but I have not succeeded on it yet.

 When I tell him “I am very proud of you my son”, she tells with out fail “ Are you proud for me also mama”

 On a recent out of town stay in a hotel, my son was practicing his swimming skills in the pool and really impressed us by swimming few meters without us supporting.  Madam was watching the high fives and the cheering (believe me, all 4 of us were in the pool and was paying enough attention to her and playing with her). She sensed she had to do something special. She dipped her head in the water for few seconds. Yes, we cheered for her, including my son.

Now, whenever I refer to my son as ‘swimmer boy’(to acknowledge his feat) in a made bed time story or lullaby, I have to identify her as ‘the girl who dipped her head in the water’.

 Eager to please me? Seeking attention? Diplomatic ? Healthy sibling rivalry ?


5 Responses to "Eager to please or…"

perfectly healthy….you will see more of it as they grow older…

aha..so you are saying that it is just a beginning!:( thanks UL

I also second UL.There is nothing wrong in asking for a postive opinionAnd she is not making any negative remarks about her brother which is good.
Thanks Anila. You know, I have not really noticed that she never made negative comment about her bro. yes you are right; she does not do that.

Very competitive she is, huh? Good for all of you! She gets to challenge herself, you can stretch her potential and the brother gets to be the role model!
she is very very competitive. And continue to amaze me everyday with something or other. she is very sharp. yeah, all can benefit.

Birthday wishes to your prince dear…lots of happiness and fun on this day, happy birthday C..
oh dearie. Thanks so much. I will sure pass it on to him. We had a great day. he was playing pretty much the whole day with his friends. And I played with them like a kid. seems like I haven’t grown up- enough:).thanks

Our second one does the same thing too – whenever I complain about the older one, he says ‘see I did not do that. I am a good boy’. BTW, happy birthday to him.

good to know it does happen. I guess thye will get over with it soon. thanks anamika for the wishes. he had fab time.

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