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What will you do?

Posted on: August 6, 2009

Scene 1: You work for a close knit small-medium Size Company you are very passionate about. You are in a meeting with the sr.mgmt just prior to a customer meeting. You notice that one of the (opposite sex) directors’ ( who is going to attend the customer meeting in few minutes in the next room) shirt collar is not folded properly or notice a dry cleaning tag still on. What will you do? tell him or fix it?

Scene 2: Same company. The newly appointed lady president is making her first town hall address to the employees. The Chairman and few board members are present too. From the front row, you notice that her jacket buttons are off by a hole. What will you do?

 Scene 3: You are visiting family in the city of President Obama ( who you admire). On the contrary to what they think of him, you hear this “ well he is from east side Chicago. He does not care about the country. He won the White House by making ‘race’ as the history making point. History is made, he will enjoy few years and will be done with it. How would you react? It is not told you directly, but in a gathering chit chat.


4 Responses to "What will you do?"

Scene 1 – tell him
Scene 2 – tell her when the moment is appropriate
Scene 3 – i am not one for debates..esp. if it is an opinion expressed that i caught as part of gathering i would likely be just a listener, specifically political…merely because i dont feel as passionate about politics as many others…if it is a topic i am passionate about, i would express an opinion if the timing is appropriate….mostly i am just a listener…
UL, scene 3: i remianed silent but mu tongue was itchy. My problem is with the people’s attitude. why can’t we appreciate some one from a lower level of the society ladder worked hard, made it big. Not all of them are there for wrong reasons or just to enjoy that. This attitude very prevalent among mallus. They can’t digest the fact that, for e.g. their maid’s kid studied and became doctor/collector/engineer. Err ..eerrrr
thanks for your response UL. good weekend too.

Ditto Ul’s response for 1 and 2.

For 3, I would keep quiet. Everybody is entitled to an opinion of their own. You can correct facts if it’s wrong, but when it comes to opinion, who is to decide which is right and which is wrong.

glad I have some wise women for company.there is a saying in malayalam which kinda tranlates like- the rock which near to the Jasmine plant, starts smelling like Jasmine oneday. that’s my hope . thanks buddy

I guess I would agree too 🙂 3 is tricky, as you say… but probably staying silent was the best..

Have an enjoyable weekend,
I did stay silent; thank God. I am learning everyday to ‘agree to disagree’. had weekend pretty much ready for the coming weekend- gonna be busy.how you ahve been JS?

1.Definitely tell him, if in front of everybody I would just make it light and humorous.
2. Wont tell her mostly.
3. Ignore what I heard. Just like UL, I like to avoid debates.
interesting. thanks for the comments while on vacation, anamika. enjoy the rest of the days!

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