Aviyal-bit of everything

From Thy Bounty..

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Harvest from our backyard! ummm..make aviyal?


4 Responses to "From Thy Bounty.."

thought Vishu came once again Yes, Yes, Yes, this is enough stuff for an Onam Sadhya, aviyal maathram pora, sadhya venam

chumma oru samyam pokku pani. sadya aakam allo. when are you coming next?:)

I can only imagine how gratifying it must have been when you harvested. I have ignored my garden this summer. Hoping to pick up the slack in the fall, so that it will be ready for next spring.
right suman.it is real treat to the eyes to see a colorful kitchen garden.tastes yummy ofcourse!. sure give it a try next time.

Wow! That is awesome… Congratulations!! It is really impressive and they all look so fresh! Yum:)

That is some great gardening skills! Compliments to the gardener!

Sadya-kku njangaleyum vilikanne:)
absolutely fresh and tastes and smells really good. it was family effort. I prepared the place; planting and watering is always hubby-he has green thumb. I got kids to plant beans seed this year and they watched them grow. finally they plucked them too.
sadhya onnum illanne JS..veruthe summer il time pass

Harvest looks good.Congrats.You have done a fantastic job.
thanks Anila. it was family effort esp hubby got green thumbs

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