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high five

Posted on: August 24, 2009

I did not think of it as milestone birthday, but somebody is on high five!

In the park: “mama I know why I can do up to the 4th ring now, because I turned 5 yrs’

Swimming lesson: ‘ see  instructor took us to the deep end of the pool with out life jacket because I also turned 5’

“Mama, can you buy me a cell phone?. I am big now and I want to be like dada”

ummm………not so fast my son. take your time!


5 Responses to "high five"

Happy Birthday to the ‘big’ one!:)

High five indeed!:)

Thanks JS for the wishes

From me too 🙂 A big high five to the big King 🙂
hey thanks again dear. the more the merrier….
yours is turning a page in about month’s time. big plans?

haha, his remarks are so cute! Belated birthday wishes to him!
thanks anamika. sorry for the late response.

Not so fast, but nice try though 🙂 So how is the five year old doing? I bet he loves being called a five year old.

oh yes, he tells pretty much everyone that he is 5yrs old..like last sunday he was in the next level swimming class and first thing he told the new instructor “i am 5yrs old now’ to which he said ” great bud”..all i could see then was a 500W bulb like face of my son. someone as big as the instructor calling him ‘bud’ meant a lot to him..hahha.
sorry for the late response

Hello!! So nice to read your post today :)…. Wishing you and the family well! Spillay xx

really nice to hear from you after so long spillay. thanks we all are doing well. hope you and yours are keeping well

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