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Veggie dish 1 Recipe – quick n easy

Posted on: September 22, 2009

I love vegetables specially leafy vegetables (may be this has to do with mommy- she told us that people who eat vegetables become smart; and you should have seen my little sister washing down Muringa leafs ( drumstick plant) thoran with a glass of water- we are still wondering any one of us became smartJ).

 Anyways, I love yogurt too. Like all my cooking, I make quick stuff and here I combine both leafs and yogurt.

 –          Roughly chopped leafs (washed spinach 8oz packet or beet root leafs or the Red cheera ila-don’t know English name, we have it in the backyard every summer)

–          Sputter mustard seeds in oil, Sauté chopped ½ onion in it, add ginger garlic paste( add chopped green chilies if you want to have some fire). When done add bit of turmeric. Now add the chopped leafs and add salt. Mix it together and cover with lid and can turn of the heat. Leafs wilt in no time(2-3 mts).

–          I let this cool off and add 1 cup of plain fat free yogurt.

–          Good with rice or roti or just by itself as I do for my lunch.

 When I take it for lunch, it reminds me of Jayashree S. She was with me in school from grade 6-10. A petite Brahmin girl, big dark eyes and thick black knee length hair (always wet and open with kulipinnal with tulsi kathir on it). Contrary to what mommy told us, for a vegetable eating Brahmin she was not good in studies, struggled to get pass marks in most subjects. But that is beside the point, it is her lunch I am talking about. Her lunch box always always had rice brimming with leaf curry and yogurt- and I still can picture her dripping fingers.


4 Responses to "Veggie dish 1 Recipe – quick n easy"

My mouth is watering now!! And I am hungry – I am likely to go home straight and get cooking 🙂 where did you get red cheera from? that’s all you eat for lunch? Really?

so cooked something then this evening?. we have red cheera in my backyard all summer long. we put the seeds 4 yrs back and every summer they keep coming back. and we enjoy them. Make with spinach/beet root beafs/chinese shops have lot of green leaf veggies.

I make large quantities girl( well I can make another post on this blaming mommy again- want to hear?). try eating a lunch sized dubba full of this for lunch..you are more than full actually.

hey i am a frequent visitor to your blog, but this is the first time i am commenting. I love your style of writing and also the incidents that you share. But this comment is just an input, actually its not good to combine greens and curd. Actually iam a fan of curd-rice and keerai but its only recently that i came to know the reason why this combination is not good. The reason is greens are rich in iron content and iron absorption is hindered by presence of calcium, so its better not to combine iron and calcium and hence not combing greens and curd. Just wanted to share it with you.

hey visitor welcome here. You made me laugh with your ‘love for my style of writing’..i barely write..i just write the talk. please keep coming back.
And thanks for the input. have been hearing different researches on this. what puzzles me more is that spinach itself is rich both in iron and calcium. 180gms of spinach provides 35%DV of iron and around 25% calcium
. http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=43

Great to see so many posts;
love your recipe and the details… thanks!:)

That’d make a nice lunch, wouldn’t it?;)

yeah, as for the many posts ,when it rains it pours..
thanks JS. try it have it for lunch…delicious

Mia, was such fun to see so many of your posts. I read them long back and scripted the responses in my head but never got around to hoping over here.

No yoghurt for me please. I stay at an arms length from that dairy. I have gotten better compared to my childhood when the very sight of curd would get my stomach queasy.

I have never tried keerai with onion. Will try, sounds yummy. You really can have greens by themselves for lunch? I salute you.

Thanks dear for your comments.
I almost feel that I can live on yogurt..didn’t know that about you.interesting. is it just yogurt or lactose?
really, what do ou take for lunch?

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