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I just love to work ..and live long…and work some more

Posted on: September 25, 2009

Pulling off from the school driveway this morning, I was thinking that I want to be pleasant school bus driver in my old age. Or If I have to pass a driving test (yet again) for that, I want to be a traffic volunteer (who helps the kids to cross the roads in the school zone with a stop sign in their hand).

 Nothing specific triggered these thoughts this morning. Basically, always I knew I want to keep working, for long. I have a strong feeling that I will live long, healthy and active.

 Then came to work, read this news of Astrid celebrating 100th birthday working,  like any other day. Coincidence! What an inspiration!

 At the age of 88, Hazel McCalion the 3rd term mayor of my city (assumed office 1978) does a brillaint job. She is a treat to our eyes with all her wrinkles and joy to the soul .  She refused to be driven around till last year she had an accident.

McCallion credited her faith with giving her the energy her job demands. “Having a life filled with purpose and meaning and living my life in a Christian-like manner helps to motivate me and keep me energized,” she said.She also revealed that she does everything around the house herself. “I do my own cleaning, grocery shopping, gardening… The assumption is that people in my position have others doing all these things for them but I like to be self sufficient. Housework and gardening are great forms of exercise and keep one humble.”

Well, that’s how I want to live.


3 Responses to "I just love to work ..and live long…and work some more"

HI. Another wonderful post. I was just thinking this morning (before I got out of bed),.. that I need some new inspiration. And I come here… and find you on the very same subject 🙂

Hope that all is well with you and the family. Sorry for not being around much. I have been very disorganised lately…..

sp, nice to see you back here. all is well with my family. hope you are enjoying school hols now with kids!

I agree – this is very inspiring…i would love to live a long healthy happy life….one day at a time…

hurray! here to all of us..here to long healthy active life!

Very inspiring Mia. Although I am not sure I want to live all my life working… I want to fill my life with a variety of hobbies and passions rather than box it in structured job.

when the structured job becomes a passion, we are talking the same thing dear. important thing we should enjoy whatever we do..

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