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He used to do jigsaw puzzles before with my help. Recently I got him TMNT 100pcs puzzle. He totally surprised me by doing it all by him in short time. From then on, pretty much every evening he does it all over again. Interestingly, I love the way he approach the puzzle – make the 4 sides and work his way inside ; unlike me , I go from one end other left to right. He is asking for more. I think it is fair and I should get him. It is not expensive at all.

 Now, madam has to match brother’s steps. Every time brother is working on TMNT puzzle, she is on Dora the explorer 24pcs puzzle. She is doing pretty good; now looking for Boots feet piece and Benny’s head piece. And the nicest brother he is, he gives her lot of tips to forge ahead.

 I know what I am getting for the family this Christmas holidays. One big puzzle with lots of sky and sea pcs. We probably will do it right in our living room floor.


This one has no story; reminds me of no one. But if you make it probably it will remind you of me, the survivor cook( may be leave this part- you may not want to make this again for the fear of my face coming flashing in front of you).

  There is no real recipe for it- you need- frozen mixed vegetable with peas, carrots, corn, cut green beans etc  (1packet-), OG2( onion and  ginger garlic paste), 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, cut potatoes, broccoli, mushroom ,tomatoes (optional- I do it when I have time to cut these)

–          In a sauce pan Sauté chopped onion, green chillies (if you need). Add ginger garlic paste.

–          Add Frozen mixed vegetable – frozen vegetable section in the grocery store

–          Mix it well. Add water just enough to cover the vegetables. Add optional veggies. Cover with the lid on till vegetables are cooked. Add in soup to it and mix well. Turn off the heat

 It has the consistency of chilli. And if anyone want to add any meat to it go for it – add browned minced meat, cooked shredded chicken etc. But I like it just the veggies.

 Yup! I take it for lunch, just by itself

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