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puzzled?- not at all

Posted on: November 17, 2009

He used to do jigsaw puzzles before with my help. Recently I got him TMNT 100pcs puzzle. He totally surprised me by doing it all by him in short time. From then on, pretty much every evening he does it all over again. Interestingly, I love the way he approach the puzzle – make the 4 sides and work his way inside ; unlike me , I go from one end other left to right. He is asking for more. I think it is fair and I should get him. It is not expensive at all.

 Now, madam has to match brother’s steps. Every time brother is working on TMNT puzzle, she is on Dora the explorer 24pcs puzzle. She is doing pretty good; now looking for Boots feet piece and Benny’s head piece. And the nicest brother he is, he gives her lot of tips to forge ahead.

 I know what I am getting for the family this Christmas holidays. One big puzzle with lots of sky and sea pcs. We probably will do it right in our living room floor.


5 Responses to "puzzled?- not at all"

applause for the patience to your children – and you, I ma sure they got it from you, I dont have the patience- not sure my little one has either…we used to do little ones ages ago, probably should start again….

…btw, that veggie recipe looks good as well, with all the veggies going in – I am going to try your squah recipe today…or rather make kootu today 🙂

patience and me are worlds apart..and look who is talking. And most days, we have canada puzzle on the table these days..thanks.
veggies go!

There’s always something to learn from our children…. Your little boy is showing leadership skills – patience and willingness to help others. Good on him!! Good on you!! xx

thanks sp..i have tons to learn from kids that includes English too. It continues to amaze me how unique each one is.

Very impressive indeed Mia. Could picture the little girl following the big brother’s footsteps… very adorable.

A suggestion for your Christmas present. You can made personalize jigsaw puzzles – basically have one of your photos made into a jig saw puzzle and then have fun putting it together.

Arvind and I love doing jigsaws too.

Neato! what an idea sirji! I am defintely making a custom jigsaw puzzle for the holidays. I have already looked up some tips . Thank you. have you made them?

Oh the little one has to match steps with bro..and it is heartening to see how he encourages her (most of the times). I guess, the second one always has the advantage of someone to look up to.

Hey, what a coincidence! Our 4 year old is also deep into puzzles all of a sudden. Breaking and making! Guess it is puzzle time! Glad to hear how nice a mentor your older one is!

indeed it is quite interesting; is he inot any special category like super hero/characterers /disney etc? ..lately I am kind of doing it often too.

Thanks for the kind words. It is heatening to see him mentoring his sister.hope it continues..

Hi:) been a while since I said hello here…

Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Hope you have a wonderful time and a great new year!

p.s did you get the personalized puzzle gift?:)

Merry Christmas and Happy New year JS, though bit late.
My personalised puzzle only made it to half, sometime I have to complete it.

Take care,

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