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Dilemma—( confusion theerkaname..ente**)

Posted on: January 12, 2010

Recently, in an email exchange I came to know the real name of a regular here. I love her beautiful name and said so in the response. To which she said, she  did not know my real name until recently and hold your breath readers this is the best part- she said “I think there is a certain oomph in it (my name)that is unexplicable”. (I felt like Bipasha Basu for a second). She added “this is not to return compliments”.

 Then I told her of my dilemma and Like to blog about it. She seems to have it too and said ‘I totally hear you on compliments – how do you figure out it is genuine as opposed to lip-service.  Please do write about it, would love to see what the regulars think of it.”

 When someone compliment you or about something 1) how do you genuinely return the compliment 2) how do you the response is honest?

[in the above conversation we knew we were being honest]

 The other day, one of my son’s good friend’s mother told me that what wonderful and caring kid he is. Her daughter talks lot about him at home. It is true for her daughter too. She is one of the cutest; and very well mannered child. My son talks about the things she teaches him. I did want to say that to the mother in return and said something in that effect. But I was not sure she felt that I was not just returning the compliment.  This is one another common example apart from the name mentioned first.

 So when someone tells you that you have a nice name and you think the same of their name, how do you say it?

 And same about your kids?

Please share and enlighten us!

 ** for the mallus- it is Malayalam movie song of Jayaram that goes  ‘confusion theerkaname, ente confusion theerkaname


4 Responses to "Dilemma—( confusion theerkaname..ente**)"

Totally hear you on this one. I struggle with genuinely returning a compliment specially when I mean it. It’s a hard thing. Sorry I have no answers but I know exactly what you mean and I struggle with it too. 🙂

Laksh, we have to somehow decode it. tell me when you figure this out!

Thanks for posting this Shy. For some reason, my google reader is showing your new posts as read, so I don’t see new notifications – not sure why. Do you have any idea? Let me know if you or any of the other readers do, I will check my settings as well…

I am so technically challenged that I did not know this even show up in google reader. Actually I don’t want to because it is not a public blog. how do turn off that in my settings? any one? help..

i wondered and now i know why…
make of it what you will…
knowing you, i am sure you can..


you’ve got to tell me ‘why’ girl! please

Mia – I think if you are paying a genuine compliment to someone, you don’t have to worry about how it will be construed as. All that matters is, it came straight from the heart. The rest is left to the interpretation of the recipient.

You don’t have to reciprocate a compliment with a compliment – just gracefully accept it! Sometimes, I will not be able to accept a compliment because I feel like I don’t deserve it. Sometimes I reciprocate the compliment because I genuinely feel the same way for the other person.

thanks. i knew someone has the pearls of wisdom. It gets challenging to reciprocate without sounding fakewhen you genuinely feel same way for the other person”

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