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I still do..

Posted on: January 12, 2010

I loved Christmas as a kid, I still do although the celebrations look little different.

 As a kid, there were no presents exchanged (no shopping stress and stress of whether the presents will be liked) and santa who?. Preparation was very spiritual. Most of us went vegetarian for 24 days. we tried to go to church for 6.30am mass all 24 days leading to Christmas. Church was almost 3kms away, of course walking ( I mean running); come back and go to school another few kms walking( see we are all in good shape those days..haha). We made jewelry for baby Jesus by doing good deeds e.g. helping a friend in study would earn a bead for HIS bracelet. A blanket for HIM was really hard to earn (needed whole lot of good deeds). We all kept account of what we made for Jesus. We competed to give the best gifts to Jesus (some we manipulated). Making Nativity scene at home was the main activity on Christmas day. Architects, engineers and interior designers within us put our best towards that. A stable was made with all raw materials found easily in rural environment. In the night a group from church came to each home (not just Christian houses, no one was excluded) singing carols and carrying baby Jesus. They will keep Jesus in the stable. Most houses will treat them with sweet black kaapi and treats.

 Things are little different now. Apparently my kids tried to make some presents for Baby Jesus (I totally lacked in this) by doing good things and being nice. However, anticipation for santa was killing them..almost.; what if he can’t make it in time here after delivering presents to kids in India, what if Rudolph gets tired? and our house has no chimney, how is he going to get inside?(yeah, ofcourse mama said he has a magic key for our house and he will sure manage).Wish list is changing day by day, what is he did not get the last requested item.

 Santa is the action hero; people get so stressed out. But I like the decorated malls, carols playing everywhere( I missed all that when I was in India for one Christmastime- though mommy made sure that we don’t miss santa by she dressing up as one(well, she is one of a kind anyway).

Of all, then or now I feel good in celebrating the most important birthday in the year- that of Baby Jesus.


3 Responses to "I still do.."

Am glad you posted this here. Loved reading it the first time and loved reading it again. 🙂

Thanks Laksh!

that’s why it was dejavu almost, I was like how did it seem like I have read this -and then saw Laksh’s comment and realized it..yes very nice, btw how does Xmas tree, Santa etc relate to Christmas? Where does that come from? We were just talking about it the other day and I meant to ask you to see if you knew the exact details…

yes, finally managed get it on aviyal. umm santa , tree etc ,the perpipherals of christmas celebration- got to read more on it before I cna give you details.

Your amma dressed as Santa…? now that’s something. I feel like I know a lot about your mom. Nice stories and like Laksh said, glad you recorded it here. Hey send us the portrait picture you had taken this year.

Oh I can go on ( I have done much already) about mommy’s deeds! How about this? When my little sister’s son was 2-3 yrs old, occasionally he used to stay back with mommy for a week or so. Mommy made 2 home made cricket bats with coconut tree branch and ball with something and taught him batting. And, when I went home last time with my kids, she was teaching my son cricket and badminton. a seen to watch. we all throughly enjoyed. she is no pro, but she never holds her back..will always give it a try..wish I have bit of that attitude.

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